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Harry/Lockhart, so much fun.

“Don’t rip me!” he screamed before he thought about it.

Rip you?” He looked down at Harry with wide, startled eyes. Harry felt very small lying nude on the stone floor under Lockhart, who looked as though he were staring at a shaking lamb at a petting zoo. He abruptly turned toward the trousers wrapped around Harry’s ankles, closed his eyes, and whispered, “What have I done?”

*scratches head*


Can you feel the EMOTION?

I can't.




The garbage truck is coming. I hear it.

Garbage Truck/Natt. Oh baybeh.

Natt's clock numbers flash 5:55 AM.

Tra la la.

You there, with the itchy head. Yeah, you, Natt. Stop hopping from pairing to pairing and finish a story for God's Merlin's sake.

I’ve just realized...

We all know how Harry was to only one who could hear the snake voices in CoS, yes? We all know he was the only one to hear them because he was the only Parseltongue. But why couldn’t everyone else hear hissing, snake-like noises in the walls, then? It’s not as though the ability to speak Parseltongue gave Harry immaculate hearing powers is it?


Rowling, I glare at you.

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