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Umbridge, you dirty, dirty woman.

Had two dreams last night. They both had to do with Harry Potter, which is very odd since I rarely dream, much less dream about Harry Potter. Though, they both gave me fic ideas, so I do hope this occurs more often. Plus, it was entertaining! I was in Harry Potter land.

The first was in Harry's P.O.V. Meaning, yes, I was Harry Potter. *gasp* And I--Harry--was doing dirty things, the names to which I will not mention, to the boyish parts of some character whose name and face I do not recall. I do recall, however, that we were in a cupboard-like structure. Hence, I have concluded that--from the lack of chub on the other boy--Piers/Harry shall commence! Tra la la la.

May I note that that was the first dream I have ever had that involved anything sexual. EVER. *bows head* Iamnolongerpure.

The second dream was less sexual. More magic. More Ron and Hermione. And, yes, I was Harry again. (Shoot me, I wuv him.) Though it did involve rolling around in the mud with Umbridge. Oh yeah!

*pelvic thrust*

*pelvic thrust*

And something about Memory Charms.


MONDAY NIGHT: Natt logs into account. 400 people have taken Natt’s quiz.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Natt is bored and wanders to 4500 people have taken Natt’s quiz.

Natt is amazed at the speed of the World’s fingers!

Tra la la la.


Oi, I just thought of something!

Piers Polkiss/Dean Thomas

Oh yeah!

*shakes head* I feel like a nerd. A big, big nerd.
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