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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Umbridge, you dirty, dirty woman.

Had two dreams last night. They both had to do with Harry Potter, which is very odd since I rarely dream, much less dream about Harry Potter. Though, they both gave me fic ideas, so I do hope this occurs more often. Plus, it was entertaining! I was in Harry Potter land.

The first was in Harry's P.O.V. Meaning, yes, I was Harry Potter. *gasp* And I--Harry--was doing dirty things, the names to which I will not mention, to the boyish parts of some character whose name and face I do not recall. I do recall, however, that we were in a cupboard-like structure. Hence, I have concluded that--from the lack of chub on the other boy--Piers/Harry shall commence! Tra la la la.

May I note that that was the first dream I have ever had that involved anything sexual. EVER. *bows head* Iamnolongerpure.

The second dream was less sexual. More magic. More Ron and Hermione. And, yes, I was Harry again. (Shoot me, I wuv him.) Though it did involve rolling around in the mud with Umbridge. Oh yeah!

*pelvic thrust*

*pelvic thrust*

And something about Memory Charms.


MONDAY NIGHT: Natt logs into quizilla.com account. 400 people have taken Natt’s quiz.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Natt is bored and wanders to quizilla.com. 4500 people have taken Natt’s quiz.

Natt is amazed at the speed of the World’s fingers!

Tra la la la.


Oi, I just thought of something!

Piers Polkiss/Dean Thomas

Oh yeah!

*shakes head* I feel like a nerd. A big, big nerd.

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Piers/Harry! OH MY GOD.


Is it not just the smuttiest of thoughts?

I'm gonna be thinking about Piers/Harry and Piers/Dean all day now, not that I'm complaining or anything...

Of course, no complaints! They're all (presumably) good-looking guys.

Though, I'm still working out just how Piers and Dean would ever come into contact.

Simple, Dean goes to Surrey to watch a football (soccer) match and comes across Big D's gang. LOL, Big D, makes him sound like a pimp

Heh heh. The gang is beating up on Harry behind the souvenirs stand and Dean comes to the rescue, at the same time catching the eye of a handsome troublemaker called Piers.

Cue the romantic music, fluffy bubbles and soft lighting for the first kiss/embrace, which gets stopped by a jealous Dudley, who proceeds to drag Piers away from Dean, after finding out that Dean is a wizard.


I was thinking more of a quick romp in the toilets, but I doubt Dean is the type of guy for that. Hmm...unless this takes place several years down the road.... You never know how someone might change.

*growl* You know you want him Deany.

Argh! You've been making me dream about Dean/Piers now.

Drat, you've uncovered my sinister plot!

*sweeps into the darkness*

You need to get AIM or MSN or something

We need to start a 'Get Natt AIM' campain

Natt is no chatter.

Natt hasn't the chattage gene.

I wish I had dreams like you...

What?! Piers/Draco/Harry is so canon!
Draco and Piers are narcissists who sleep with each other because they look alike (rat faces) and Harry sleeps with Piers in the holidays to remind him of his far away lover, stuck in Wiltshire.

Now, go write some!

Dear Lord, those dreams sound disturbing! LOL!

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