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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

You will now rise for the Norwegian National Anthem

Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet! ...and er.. that's enough of that.

According to the will of the good lycoris and the good nattish, you shall run to your Edit Info page, scroll to your Interests, and type (madly, like drunken oxen) Remus/Molly and James/Draco.

The aforementioned shall commence! Soon the world shall know!

Oh, you will be thankful when the revolution comes.

Mother always told me to ask nicely, however. :D Please?


Christian Bale, you are still my Remus Lupin. You shall forever be my Remus Lupin.

All right! So maybe he’s a little feisty looking to be Remus. But that’s the WOLF in him. *nods*

The Dean Binge continues.

All right, just realized something silly. Know you the main page of fictionalley.org? And there is a link to artisticalley.org that is Ginny Weasley holding the paintbrush? Why isn’t my DEANY-KINS holding the paintbrush? Huh? Huh? Is Dean not good enough?

Unless…that’s not Ginny Weasley, but Lily Evans from her schooldays, which would make sense. They would have one person from each house and one person from the Marauder days. But. Her eyes are not green. Lily’s eyes are green. *scowl*

Dean. Where is the world’s appreciation for you, my Schnooky-pants? My apple-schnook?


Oh, how lovely it is that Natt has been attempting to build a website since the summer of 2000. (tra la la) But that is just fine because Natt has perseverance. (tra la la) And Natt also can sing songs and do interesting things like this: *pelvic thrust* And Natt can also read many words per minute. (tra la la) And Natt will one day live in a tin can. (tra la la)

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*wants to nibble him*

You must see him in a Midsummer's Night's Dream. You get a glimpse of his ARSE.

And it's a very nice one at that.


I've had glimpses of his arse in a couple other movies, actually (the camera loves it!). Though, I've yet to see A Midsummer Nights Dream.

*has failed as a fan*

the camera needs to zoom in more. so tight and bouncy it is.

*pinches his arse*


Go rent it. It was my first Christian Bale movie. HEE!


i totally saw Remus/Molly in OotP... like how she cried on his shoulder? And how it was brought up in conversation that when Molly started crying about Percy, Lupin would take care of it? So either he is very very gay and it that nice gay male shoulder to cry on (come on, we all know that we have one of them), or there's a Lupin/Molly thing goin on. Which there totally is.

And where the hell did this Draco/James thing come in? I have often thought of it myself... has anyone actually written any Draco/James fiction? I mean, if Harry can bang Draco's dad, then it's only fitting that Draco bangs Harry's dad.

or a James/Draco/Harry threesome. now **that** is some FANFICTION, BABY!!! o.0

You and your pairings.

Soon i expect you'll be writing Draco/Pettigrew slash...that'd make for an interesting fic.

*ducks and hides*

lol i **am** quite interesting when it comes to my pairings, aren't i?

of course, Snape/Filch is my OTP ^_^

i still need to read that fic.

I ship normal pairings. i.e. Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Oliver/Percy, Seamus/Dean...i'm boring.




Dumbledore/Mrs. Norris all the way, baby.

Dumbledore/Hagrid i can see. Or is that still too normal.

*angst* I want to be a PERVY SLASHER.


I'm trying to imagine how their beards wouldn't get in the way when they were kissing...or if Dumbledore's hat wouldn't poke Hagrid in the eye or something....

How would it work?!

Dumbledore's tall, hagrid's wide.

It all works out. Maybe.

*scrubs eyes*


So, Hagrid can lay on his side and Dumbledore can...

Or Dumbledore can levitate himself and Hagrid can...

Or. Erm.

*shakes head*

Shall stick to Draco/James.

(Deleted comment)
The Fist & Ferret. *dies*

Molly/Remus? Done? *excited*

...everything under the moon by now.


i do not like that Lupin/Black
no naked Remus on his back...

I do not like that Seamus scene
I cannot see him blowing Dean

I do not like that Potter slash
I do not like it, call-me-trash!


Hey. As long as you still dig the Harry/Draco i won't bite you.

Well maybe i might nibble on your leg a bit. *munch*

And i will call you trash yes i will...
You know the book "Are you My Mother?"

Can you so see Draco going up to people and saying, "Are you my Father?" And then smutlet...

*makes mental note to stay away from ship discussions with bethany and natt*


I shall not add Draco/James as an interest until I have seen a fic of them.
*taps foot impatiently while looking pointedly at lycoris and ru*

People these days!


*sweeps off to type*

You don't get if you don't ask! ;)

He's so yummy! And I totally agree about Dean, he needs to be appreciated. Ginny probably can't draw/paint anyway, it should be Dean for AA.

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