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For Sirius and Dean are sad, sad, sad.

Ain't it the truth?

It’s just occurred to me…a very sudden thing…in PoA, during the scene in which Lupin lets the students have a go at the boggart, Dean Thomas’ worst fear turns out to be a severed hand. I am thinking that, knowing Dean likes to draw (And supposedly has a talent for it), this means Dean’s worst fear is to never be able to draw again. Hmm.

I <3 Dean Thomas.

I just realized that I would read anyone male/Dean Thomas. That I’ve not had a hunger for Draco/Dean in particular, but just…Dean/someone. The fact that Draco/Dean makes little sense, I suppose would be the very interesting part.

Oh Dean, I didn’t know I *hearted* you when I gave you a little brother in my first crap-assed fic. Oh Dean, you deserve to shag that pretty blond Malfoy. Oh Dean, one day you will feel the sheets of the Potions master’s bed on your naked body. Oh Dean, I will make Harry so miserable that you will have no choice but to comfort him with your manly regions!

Oh Dean, oh Dean, oh Dean!


When they get tired of Draco and Seamus and Blaise, you, you, you will be the almighty Slut of Hogwarts.

You are my slut, Dean Thomas! I cannot believe that genderless whore Zabini beat you out! You will have justice!

*waves West Ham flag*

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