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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

The Unavoidable Book 5 Thoughts

If I ever again see the words “hem, hem” I will suffocate myself in Snape’s robes (not before digging around, of course)

This is merely a gloss-over of my thoughts on a few characters and some situations. Nothing analytical. I haven’t a mood for that.

A very depressing read. A very good read. Opened and closed a lot of doors.

HERMIONE: A very stable character. One would think that as the girl of the Trio her hormones would be bouncing off the walls most. But she’s incredibly sane compared to Harry and Ron. I suppose it’s just…Hermione. Though, there were a few points that I just wanted to smack her. The continuation of SPEW, for instance. My God, just shut up already.

DRACO: What can I possibly say about this guy? He’s just as delectably irritating as ever. He worships his father, he tries to get Harry’s attention, and he loves himself. He’s Draco Malfoy.

I adored the Qudditch fight. Draco deserved to have the snot kicked out of him for once. No, I do not condone fighting words with fists under any circumstances, but Draco was finally put in his place and that excited me. He tends to be given the leeway to say what he wishes, whenever he wishes. He’s sneaky enough to do it in classes and corridors without being caught, and when he mouths off to Harry he is given words right back. But he deserved to be shown that not everyone gets away with everything. I think he learned that without his bodyguards he is half the person Harry is. And it embarrassed him. I’m really sure Harry would have beaten him to the ground even if George were not helping. Draco is a pampered, prissy princess. He never, never initiates physical fights. NEVER. (He even ran away when Hermione smacked him.) He and Harry are equal when it comes to brains, but he is the inferior when it comes to brawn--and I believe he’s now a bit intimidated now that he knows that for sure. If he weren’t, he’d likely have attacked Harry stealthily, on his own, as soon a he could have after that Quidditch match. He wouldn’t have gotten in trouble! Not with Umbridge around. Why didn’t he? Because he’s WEAK. A flimsy little boy.

GINNY: She’s alive! She’s got a brain! She exists! I must say, I’m growing fond of her. But one thing, Missy, if you think you’re going to be petting Harry now that you’re not with that Michael Corner fellow, you’ve got another thing coming.

LUNA LOVEGOOD: Didn’t care for her either way for a lot of the book. But knew I liked her when this occurred:

“Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clump of white berries placed almost over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it. “Good thinking,” said Luna very seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.”

I cracked up and cried out, “Luna! You kill me!”

CHO CHANG: Incredibly annoying. At first (say, books 3 and 4) I didn’t care for her either way. She was just a random girl who Harry had a crush on. But when she “initiated things” between them, it felt wrong, as though she was doing it more for her own benefit. Cedric’s dead, Harry, comfort me! Buck up, Bitch, Harry’s got his own problems.

SNAPE: He’s nasty and greasy and just how I like him! I must say that I was excited when the prospect of those extra D.A.D.A lessons came up because I thought Hermione was about to suggest Snape before she went off and said she wanted Harry to teach them, so you can imagine how surprised and thrilled I was when Snape was brought in to teach Harry Occlumency. I hoped the two might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, perchance get a teeny, tiny, itsey-bitsey bit closer through those lessons. I hoped wrong. It is Snape, after all. But is the connection between Harry and Voldemort over with? (I really don’t recall) Will Harry continue with his lessons with Snape? There are several unresolved things involving Snape and I cannot wait to read them in Book 6. In the meantime…fanfiction ahoy!

REMUS: He has not wavered on the #2 spot in my Favorite Characters List. While I have always seen him as a gentle, understanding type of person in fanfiction, I never thought it would go as far as it did in the actual books. I assumed I was exaggerating what he really was. He held back when his friends pestered “Snivelly”, he comforted Molly (twice) when she was in a bad state, he was the one to make Sirius sit down when he worked himself up during the big disagreement with Molly near the beginning (which I thought was particularly charming), he kept his cool (unlike Sirius) when Harry talked to them through the fire. Just an easy-going guy, I guess. I like him for it.

SIRIUS: I’ve always liked him, but I began to adore him when Christmas came around and he was singing carols. Quite endearing.

Sirius’ death: Oh man, I’m getting shaky again just typing about it now. I first found it silly to think of him not actually being dead. It would cheapen the story, I think, to bring him back, because such happily-ever-afters are not all that breathtaking as actual human situations. Coming back from the dead? Why kill him in the first place? To make Harry more miserable than he already is? Bah! Then I thought, what has always undeniably been death in Harry Potter? The Killing Curse! It would have been so much easier to just go WHAMMO, Sirius, you’re dead! Why bring a creepy veil into the picture? It makes us unsure. It makes us wonder. And why make us wonder when you can give it to us straight, JKR?

So then my head says to me, it says, “How do they really know what’s behind that veil?”

So I says to my head, I says, “Dunno, Head.”

My head replies, “Looky here, you”--I cannot, of course, because my eyes are in my head--“we don’t know what’s behind the veil! Because it’s in the Department of Mysteries. No one knows! And if Harry Potter can defy death, why can’t Sirius Black defy an unknown territory? How does Dumbledore know? How does Remus know? They don’t because they’ve never been through the veil. And I really would be surprised if JKR doesn’t bring us back to it, whether or not Sirius Black returns.”

I’m not saying I think Sirius will come back, because it’s just plain not going to happen, but his death is the most peculiar one in the books. Why not just the Killing Curse? It makes no sense.


Natt’s cry count: Six. During “Snape’s Worst Memory” and Sirius’ death (when I realized he would die, during his death, after his death, after I finished the book, and when I went to bed that night). Good men. I like them both. They affect me so.

Number of times Harry was winked at: As far as I noticed, three times. (Twice by Fred Weasley, once by Sturgis Podmore.)

Number of times Natt smiled as Harry had dirty thoughts about Snape’s finger tracing his lips: 2,000

First new pairing Natt thought of: Harry/Sturgis Podmore. Must have been the wink. But that doesn’t mean the thoughts aren’t in my head.

Most prominent pairing Natt saw: Sirius/Remus. Undoubtedly. I think the explanation will wait, however.

Has nothing to do with OotP whatsoever:

And now...*falls into bed*

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Umbridge was such a bitch!

CHO CHANG: Incredibly annoying. Agree fully, she needs to get a life. She shouldn't go after Harry and then end up with Michael (as in Ginny's ex).

"A couple of weeks after his dream of Rookwood, Harry was to be found, yet again, kneeling on the floor of Snape's office, trying to clear his head." Gotta be the best quote ever from OotP. JKR shouldn't put such slashy quotes in the books.

"He was rather taller than Snape, who, Harry noticed, had balled his fist in the pocket of his cloak over what Harry was sure was the handle of his wand."

""Well, we'll soon find out, won't we?" said Snape smoothly. "Wand out, Potter."
Harry moved into his usual position..."

I have too much time on my hands. *grins* You've turned my into a vicious Snape/Harry Shipper.

*cackles madly*

My evil plot is going smoothly. Soon the world will know Harry is attracted the greasy, greasy men!

I once found a quote in GoF, which had something to do with Harry wanting to make Snape twitch and scream on the dungeon floor.... The mind is a dirty, dirty thing.

Seriously? *runs to find GoF book*

*dies after seeing the image* OH MY GOD! I've been scarred! LOL. Just kidding. ^^

First off... That picture is the funniest sh*t I have seen in a long time. *grin*

Second... I agree with pretty much everything else. Luna was quite the amusing comic relief. *wink*

And good, I wasn't the only one pained by the whole worst memory bit. *frown* Poor Sevvie. *frown*

Was there a reason behind that picture?!

*had lots of remarks about the OotP musings but has forgotten them all in trauma*

Yes, there was a reason. To horrify all of you. *cackles*

Trauma? My plan is working perfectly!

Well, then you are a horrible, horrible, horrible person and I shant be your friend any more.

So there.

My God! Couldn't you have put up some kind of warning before that picture?
My eyeballs are soiled!
I've gotta disagree on one point - I didn't see Draco's leaving post-slappage in PoA as running away.
I thought it was one of his rare ambigious moments a la the warning in the forest at the Quidditch Cup (ugh, I hope that doesn't foreshadow Hermione/Draco.)
He could have hit her back or cursed her, but instead he just left. I thought it was quite mature -opposite sex or no, if someone hit me, I'd lose my temper and I have much more self control than our dear Mr Malfoy, as I'm sure most people do.


Hmm...about the disagreement, above was just an offhanded remark--first thing to come to my mind when I thought of Malfoy running away from something.

But, thinking about it seriously now, I'd have to say I still believe it to be running away. Draco's always been--from what JKR's shown us--disinclined to involve himself in something physically threatening (which includes fist fights and curses). I don't recall Draco getting worked up enough to use even magic in his defense unless the other person used words to provoke him. For instance (I think it was during GoF), Harry insults Draco's mother, turns away, and before he knew it Draco had sent a curse whizzing by his ear. So, to Draco, retaliation at the moment when he saw how ready Hermione was to beat him up--we read that Ron had to hold back her hand before she could slap him again--would be a really silly thing to do.

And it wouldn't have been a very manly thing to do to send Crabbe and Goyle to take care of a girl, would it? :D

Perhaps he has a better control over his temper than I gave him credit for, if he doesn't get worked up easily.
*determinedly spins way to make Draco look good* ;)

(Deleted comment)
Oh you will submit. I'll brainwash you with my spindoctoring until you too become a helpless Draco junkie. Then I'll cut you off and watch you shake, as you try desperately to explain away his faults!


You have great icons, by the way. Have I ever told you that? You have great icons. *nods*

Thanks. They were made by versimility.
*hugs icons*

Yes, I hated Cho Chang *nods* and SPEW.

..and was that Tom Felton's face in the picture..? *hides*

You know you like it!

*makes Tom Felton wiggle*

Oh, well.. maybe. *grins*

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