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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

And now I shall depart.

Argh. I'm tired of tip-toeing around my Friends Page. I don't want fecking spoilers and I'm afraid one of you will accidentally( or deliberately)...I don't know...let something slip outside an lj-cut. I refuse to read the article or anything associated when we're so goddamned close. What about the excitement? What about discovering the magic on our own? What about the *gasp* Harry was eaten by a 70 foot mushroom! Nope, nope. Don't want to know who dies (if anyone does know); don't want to know the plot (I already screwed myself over with listening to the audio book previews at amazon.com. I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I KNOW NOW, DAMN IT); don't want to fecking know a thing. Look at this! I've been driven to the madness of using split infinitives!

You know, when I first read PoA (oh...three years ago, maybe), I knew a person who had already read it. It was right around the time when I first began to realize that I was in love with the series. I looked the person straight in the eyes and said, "Don't you dare tell me what happens." This person looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Scabbers is really Peter Pettigrew in disguise and Sirius Black is really innocent."


So, you see, even though PoA is still my favorite book of the series, I'm sure it would have been just that much better if I'd actually enjoyed the surprise through JKR's words rather than another person's trechary, gossip, whatever. I may complain to want to know. But I'm very patient when it comes down to it.

Half of your entries have something to do with spoilers (from my quick glances). I don't wish to take the risk of stumbling across something. I'm going to enjoy this book if it's the last thing I do! Goodbye until afterward. :D

EDIT: Oh fucking hell.

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I can promise you that I am in the same damn boat. I refuse to read the spoilers. I actually begged everyone to put stuff behind cut tags. I'm really with you... I don't want to know until JKR tells me. I can tell you that I'm in such a bitchy mood lately that my entries are perfectly safe. *wink* Oh, and the article I posted has NO spoilery things.

*hugs Natt* Thanks for helping me feel a smidge better, tho. You're awesome... Have I told you that lately?

Really? No spoilers at all in the NY times article? Then what cold it possibly be about that got everyone so worked up?

You're very welcome. Katie should never be sad. Never! *glares at all those who DARE* Me? Awesome?

NAW! *toes the ground*

No spoilers at all. Some paper printed a pic of two pages from the book, and now JKR is suing... That's the basic gist.

And Yes, you. Awesome. *looks around shiftily*

*pounces on Natt and hugs her* You ROCK. *grin*

*runs off*

*shakes fist at Katie*

You'll pay for that!

*waves the Katie's-My-Snapple-Apple flag*

Natt, love, are you back yet? *sniffle* I'm missin' ya bunches!!

You rock, btw. *grin*

*does the Natt-Rocks-My-Socks dance*

*huggles Natt fiercely again and then scampers off*

Love the 'whore' comment. LoL.

I've just heard wee spoilers but I don't want to know anymore. I want to read that 896 pages of goodness.

What was the 'oh fucking hell' for?

I heard a few too. Then thought...no! This is wrong! All wrong! Can't take it!

The 'oh fucking hell' was because I went back to my Friends Page after I posted this entry, for once very last peek before I left it for the weekend, and I caught a glimpse of something rather spoiler-y. I wasn't sure whether it was truthful or in jest, but I will still be worrying through the whole book until I find out if it is the truth. *nervous*

EDIT: Oh fucking hell.

I take it you were spolied then? **hugs**

I hope it wasn't anything big and that it doesn't spoil anything too much.

Yes. Spoiled. Big. Big big.

I don't understand, though, whether it was truthful or a reference to a rumor or wah.... I do hope I have the wrong idea.

*throws self into Fiery Pit of Doom*

I hope it wasn't me by mistake! I'll put all mine behind LJ-cuts, like I told Katie I would. I probably wont get to read mine until Monday anyway.

*cuddles* Babe, I know what you mean. One of my friends knows (thinks she knows) who dies and I am not reading any of her posts because I will NOT have this book ruined for me. Don't worry sweetie, I won't spoil it for you.

Enjoy reading it!

Just a quick note to say that I friended you *waves* Found you by way of ladyvader's comments. Always looking for other HP fans ;)

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