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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

So many of these floating around. Must. Join. Crowd.

ru av natten
Magic Number8
JobMost Hated Person - Ever (Even more than Severus Snape)
TemperamentA Yo-Yo
SexualJust Say No
Likely To WinThe (QUIDDITCH)World Cup
Me - In A WordEvil
Brought to you by MemeJack

I'm a fibber. My color was origianally blue, but I sneakily, fiendishly changed it to GRAY. Because I dislike blue. But everything else is un-tweaked. Almost. *slips into the shadow*


--Finished A Wizard Song earlier. I am still amazed at its beauty. One of those stories that makes one want to...smile. *Wishes to write competent feedback* I will. Eventually. I tend to get around to it. Have a few others to review first.

--Sent story to Katie. Told her it would be there by this evening at the latest. Now I realize that her evening is likely several hours after my evening. Ah, the troubles of timezones.

--Great news. The ailment has moved from my head to my throat to my chest! With luck, I'll be dead before OotP comes out. Probably not. I'm well enough to type, aren't I? Optimism. Optimism.

--3 days. Less. I yearn.

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*smacks out the flames on Natt's pants* Liar, liar. *wink*

And I got the story. I haven't gone through it yet b/c I've been all wrapped up in color schemes for my journal and my HP comm. But I'll get on that right away.

And I got the story at 10:30. So my evening is BEFORE yours. Right? I think?

*smacks out the flames on Natt's pants* Liar, liar.


You know, I had to read that more than once before I understood. Silly, Natt.

So my evening is BEFORE yours.

Hmm. Well...you evening OCCURS before mine, but it's still...erm...after. Eh? No? Well, works in my head. Okay...it OCCURS before mine, but it still is gone before mine, therefore it's after mine. Erm. Get it?

*scratches head*


I'm reading Wizards song at the moment (whilst revising and working on my webby). I had to read all the other ones first though. I thought I would never come a Harry/Snape shipper, but I have. *sighs in defeat*

Really? *happy* Is this an extremely recent development?

Yep. *carries on reading whilst eating milkybar dessert*

AWS is like goddess, after IYAP, of coarse. :P

Hmm. I never thought of that. Pretty tough conclusion to come to...don't know if I could choose from the two. They both have their great aspects.

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