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I'm JUST over halfway through A Wizard Song, for I started it this morning--or was it late last night?--and I am for the most part dazzled. In recent chapters (wherein the horrifically, saddening-ly, HEART-BREAKING ANGST sets in--I found myself drifting away. Not in the good way, though, I regret to say. I was as though I read the words, but didn't retain the information. Partly that was because I'm still rather dizzy, sniffly, etc. Overall, I am happy. HAPPY. (Even though the horrific, saddening, heart-breaking ANGST is still in play.) But I'm going off into what I'd not intended.

This is very petty of me, but when I read this sentence my heart leaped.

"...[Snape's] big yellow teeth were bared..."

An author who actually admits Snape's yellow teeth! Glee.


How many cherries is too many cherries? *scrunches nose* 7? 70?


Ah! And I've never read a Fred/George so incredibly...erm...plausible. I don't mind incest in the least, but I'm not particularly fond of Fred/George at this point. Telanu, you may have actually triggered something else in me. <3

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