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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Rolling in mucous. Rolling down a mucous river.

Bad news: Pain. Utter pain. Soreness. Utter soreness. In legs (dance exercises). In head (some sort of dreadful ailment from which I will surely parish). Snot. Everywhere. (Yes, you wanted to know that.) Nausea. My eyes have just fallen out. *dies*

Good news: Have finished a Harry/Snape. At last. But not the big fat one that I'm rather exited over. That won't be for months. This one is short and rather silly if I do say so myslef.SLEF. Slefffff. Umm....*hacks up lung* Beta readers...trying to find them...halfway there....


Less than 5 days. yay.


Found some flies having sex on my refrigerator. Told them to piss off. That's just what I need. Fly semen in my food. Do flies even have...? Peh.


Still less than 5 days. What's taking so long?


Martha Stewart is trying to teach me to knit. I want scarves. Winter is almost here. Hurry Martha. Run.

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So effing close. I need it.

I feel your pain. I feel it.

*hands you a box of tissues, Nyquil, some sudafed, and a small box of Every Flavor Beans to cheer Natt* Ew. *wipes snot off her hands after handing Natt her goodies*

I'll beta if you like. You're more than welcome to send me anything you want. Warning, tho... My computer's a bit screwy, so I dunno how fast I'll respond...

Ew. *flicks flies away from Natt's Every Flavor Beans* Damn flies. I hate bugs.

And Ew. (One last time, I think...) Martha. Ick. I'm sorry.

*hugs poor dying!Natt* Ew. *wipes snot and phlem off her shoulder* Erm, feel better.

Thanks. *sniffle* I dunno why I get sick so often...I should move to Alaska where the polar bears will protect me. :(

I'll beta if you like.

Really? For little old me? *bats eyelashes* I didn't know you tolerated Harry/Snape! :D

Martha. Ick. I'm sorry.

Heh. Martha's teaching me only because her magazine happened to be the one with the knitting instructions. But I don't have knitting needles anyway. :D

I feel your pain on the sickness front. I always manage to get sick. Stupid colds.

And yes, I'd beta, even if it is Harry/Sev. I'll just suck it up and imagine it's Draco. *wink* I actually don't really like Harry/Sev personally, but for you, I'd deal. Just know I'm a total stickler about my betaing. (And probably a big huge pain in the ass, too.)

Haha, if you were closer, I'd tell you to get your ass over here and borrow one of the knitting books we have here. There's about a ton. My grandmom was a big knitter, and when she died, all the books came to us. But yeah, it usually helps to start with actually having the needles... *wink*

I'll just suck it up and imagine it's Draco.

Heh. *imagines Severus in a blond wig*

Just know I'm a total stickler about my betaing.

Yes, yes, that's good. I know then that you won't let me off easily on any problems! :D I will mail you in little bit, then (once I'm all organized-up. *nods*).

*hearts Katie*

Heh. *imagines Severus in a blond wig*

Hahaha What a funny thought... *imagines Severus aksing Draco to help with bleaching his hair*


No, I def. won't let you off the hook. Trust me, I think I drove the girl I used to beta for insane. My list of stuff she needed help with was often as long or longer than her chapter. *sigh* Then again, she wasn't that great a writer... If you've sent it over already, woo! I'm just not on my sn to check. Mum needed me to do a bit of magic and make her internet come on. *sigh* The downside to being a Hogwarts graduate, it seems. *wink*

*hands over kleenex* Feel better soon, afterall OotP is out on Saturday!

Flies = Evil

Actually, any insect = evil (I can't stand flying things)

Martha Stewart is trying to teach me to knit. I want scarves. <--- Make a Gryffindor or Slytherin one. ^^

...afterall OotP is out on Saturday!

Yes! I was just hoping that it would go away soon so I might ENJOY OotP when it comes out. *wipes nose with Kleenex*

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