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Rolling in mucous. Rolling down a mucous river.

Bad news: Pain. Utter pain. Soreness. Utter soreness. In legs (dance exercises). In head (some sort of dreadful ailment from which I will surely parish). Snot. Everywhere. (Yes, you wanted to know that.) Nausea. My eyes have just fallen out. *dies*

Good news: Have finished a Harry/Snape. At last. But not the big fat one that I'm rather exited over. That won't be for months. This one is short and rather silly if I do say so myslef.SLEF. Slefffff. Umm....*hacks up lung* Beta readers...trying to find them...halfway there....


Less than 5 days. yay.


Found some flies having sex on my refrigerator. Told them to piss off. That's just what I need. Fly semen in my food. Do flies even have...? Peh.


Still less than 5 days. What's taking so long?


Martha Stewart is trying to teach me to knit. I want scarves. Winter is almost here. Hurry Martha. Run.

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