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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

I'm in A MOOD. Clear away.

Oh give me a fucking break, you fucking hippies.

I don't particularly support discrimination and whatever-associated. But what the fuck?

It's plausible...I s'pose, what the article says.

Still, S.P.E.W. makes me spew. Chain the house-elves. Whip them for all I care. They like it.

That's one of the few things I dislike about Hermione. She tries to push her twisted Muggle ways onto wizarding ways. It just doesn't work that way, bitch.

Have I told anyone that I loathe house elves? LOATHE.

Now that I mention the word loathe, I realize that there is at least one major thing that makes me cringe and want to throw the book at the wall every time I re-read the series.

PS: Quirrel. Weirdo.
CoS: Ginny. Creepy little wench.
PoA: Trelawny. Just plain irritating.
GoF: Ron. Stop being jealous and go cheer on your friend.

I know, I know. Stop complaining, Natt. Be optimistic. Okay, okay. There are also things that I LIKE most about each book.

PS: Snape
CoS: Snape
PoA: Snape
GoF: Snape


Started reading Life of Pi. 50 pages in. It's very good. One of the best books I've ever read, actually.

...Too tired to gloss over Freinds Page again today. I just know I had something to say to someone. Ah well. I'll be alive tomorrow. And if I'm not, feed my carcass to some house elves.

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yeah, i was just thinking about SPEW and these are my thoughts:

*ahem* it's like fish. fish live in water. humans would not like to live in the water. but, you'd be hard pressed to find a fish that agreed with you.

the end.

*cackles insanely*

That one I do, do like. Yes indeed.

*nods wisely* i have a way with words.


You will now be worshiped.

*sputters and laugh*

Well I agree with you on all of them. I don't like Quirrel... too wimpy for my taste. Ginny (and her damn teenybopperness/fangirlism) annoys the fuck out of me. Trelawney annoys me in both book. Her and damn "Harry is gonna die" shite. And yes Ron. That little bugger. I hated the way he was in the fourth book. I mean damn... if I was Harry, I wouldn't have forgiven him. *bitchslap Ron* Oh well. All is done so eh?

*snickers* And yes, all those Snapes makes the book so much better! I'll shaddup now!

*bitchslap Ron*


Yes, all is done. Though, in a few days we'll have even more to dislike! But hopefully a lot more to like. (With Snape on the top of the list.)

Oh god... the 21st is already coming up? DAMN! Time went by so slowly ^_^ Oh well. I'm happy it's coming soon! Whoo hoo! And I hope Snape plays a major part in this book too! Snape rules XD.

House-elves suck. I don't see how they can make Dobby and that one in GoF almost major characters, it's stupid! They clean and wash clothes, nothing exciting about them.

Also Ginny=evil. I loathe her, she should die in OotP.


...she should die in OotP.

My hopes exactly. Though, I'm leaning toward thinking it'll be Hagrid or Colin.


Colin can go for all I care, I don't like him much either.

Ugh, Hermione bugs me with her moral superiority act.
Dobby is the exception to the rule of house elves, in that he is disloyal to them. The others love their masters, and being paid etc. UPSETS them. So stop doing it, Miss I wandered into the Magic World four years ago, and I think I can tell everyone how to behave!

Yes, Snape. Something absolutly perfect in the books.

I agree completely on all four "I loathe" things in each book. Ginny drives me mad. Why couldn't she just open her mouth and say "I've been talking to my diary lately..." and all that. *sigh* But anyway...

I also agree about the whole SPEW thing. Doesn't 'Mione get that the HE's like being abused and overworked and underpaid? *sigh* Muggles... Oh wait... I am one, aren't I... Poo...

Don't you think you should add "Draco" to the things that are wonderful about the books? b/c even if he is a prat, he's fun to grr at. (And there's the whole bouncing-ferret!Malfoy in GoF... *wink*)


And I think you wanted to say "Hi, Katie! You Rock!" to me. *wink* Kidding. *hugs* You rock. Not me. B/c you're Natt the Almighty! *grin*

Hmm...how about just: "Hello, Katie! You are the apple of my Snapple!" :D

....even if he is a prat, he's fun to grr at.

Heh heh. Grr. Can't wait until Saturday. An all day grr-athon. Been waiting for so long. Need. My. Malfoy (and my Snape!).

Hee! I'm the apple of your Snapple, hmm? That's fun! *grin*

Yay for Grr-a-thons! I know what you mean... I reread the books twice in as many weeks in Nov. (before I found the fanfic world) b/c I was in such a dire fix. Must. Have. Malfoy.

Oh, hasn't SOMEONE missed the point? (them, not you!) Bunch of pretentiuous tossers. It's people like that who start making films like the Patriot and saying that all rascism is wrong and therefore there should be any in the films, even if it was considered right in those days.

Harry Potter is a different universe. Different things happen. These are a species that like to serve. No more, no less. It's SUPPOSED to be a point (a) about how things aren't always how they seem (they AREN'T slaves, they are HAPPY) and (b) in different societies, different things are acceptable. Obviously, for the literay freaks out there, this is unacceptable.

*coughs* Sorry. I got pissed off.

Hey, there's always going to be things you don't like about the books. I hate the way they ALWAYS say "yeah" instead of yes and there's a couple of other things that grate too. But it doesn't stop them being good, enjoyable books. *huggles*

Be calm. Be happy!

Heh, heh. I agree with all of the above. Especially with what you mentioned about the Patriot--just WHY is it racist to portray what actually happened? It's like how they water down American history text books (I haven't a clue what goes on in schools in other places); they don't give the entire truth a lot of times because they're afraid of "insulting" someone. BAH!

I hate the way they ALWAYS say "yeah" instead of yes...

I noticed that in interviews--in what few I've seen and read--JKR says "yeah" often. I just guessed she stuck it in the books without thinking about it because it's more natural to her. It CAN get bothersome, though, yes.

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