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I'm in A MOOD. Clear away.

Oh give me a fucking break, you fucking hippies.

I don't particularly support discrimination and whatever-associated. But what the fuck?

It's plausible...I s'pose, what the article says.

Still, S.P.E.W. makes me spew. Chain the house-elves. Whip them for all I care. They like it.

That's one of the few things I dislike about Hermione. She tries to push her twisted Muggle ways onto wizarding ways. It just doesn't work that way, bitch.

Have I told anyone that I loathe house elves? LOATHE.

Now that I mention the word loathe, I realize that there is at least one major thing that makes me cringe and want to throw the book at the wall every time I re-read the series.

PS: Quirrel. Weirdo.
CoS: Ginny. Creepy little wench.
PoA: Trelawny. Just plain irritating.
GoF: Ron. Stop being jealous and go cheer on your friend.

I know, I know. Stop complaining, Natt. Be optimistic. Okay, okay. There are also things that I LIKE most about each book.

PS: Snape
CoS: Snape
PoA: Snape
GoF: Snape


Started reading Life of Pi. 50 pages in. It's very good. One of the best books I've ever read, actually.

...Too tired to gloss over Freinds Page again today. I just know I had something to say to someone. Ah well. I'll be alive tomorrow. And if I'm not, feed my carcass to some house elves.
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