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My eyes are wandering toward another fandom....

Ah! Now comes the rare non-Harry Potter oriented post.

Newsies Slash! La la la.

How could it be any more obvious?

--A hundred teenage boys who room together, bathe together, and work together. They sing and dance in the streets. They randomly thrust their pelvises! So easily slashable.

I should have been reading this for months.

HOWEVER. I understand that they're poor, otherwise I doubt they would be selling newspapers. But, is it really necessary to use Christmas pudding as lubricant? Surely there was something else. Scowl. I have the sudden urge for sweets....

Hmm. Christian Bale/Bill Pullman...Christian Bale/that one guy from "Doogie Howser M.D."...Christian Bale/Robert Duvall, erm...nevermind.

Such a large cast. Where to begin?

---Anyone, anything on safety whereabouts of hydaspes? Not a tragedy when someone deletes his or her journal, but I am a worrier. If you're lurking lurking around out there hydaspes, well...hello or goodbye.

---Been meaning to do friends meme because it looks so darned entertaining. *plots evilly* Thanks for indirectly reminding me princess_draco.

---*waves goodbye to Katie* You will have a lovely time. Because I said so.

I am Natt. I have spoken.

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