April 4th, 2014

Anatomical Natt

A New Thing Happened

Wrote a behemoth of an update describing my birthing experience, but then I gave it the squinty-eye and decided no one would care to read such a horrendous thing. Here’s the summary!

Month early, fast labor -- 1.5 hours omg -- no drugs, sad-face, whoops breech, cesarean, long recovery, sad, sad, healthy baby girl, home safe, hooray, can’t sleep.

I guess that last one isn’t unusual for the new parent.

Anyway, thank you for the well wishes, the birthday wishes, and the general keeping-in-touch. Miss you guys. Looking forward to scouring all the corners for new fic (new for me is anything written in the past 4 months, hint, hint, if you have obvious recs) and writing, and just plain getting back to normal. Or whatever normal will be from now on.
Anatomical Natt


Long shot:

Anyone going to Yaoi Con in San Francisco this year?

Anyone been to it previously? Thinking about going?

I only occasionally dabble in the stuff, but given the titillating subject-matter I considered giving it a go. Would be nice if I knew someone there!