December 19th, 2008

Anatomical Natt

Writer's Block: Now Showing

The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?

WANT to see: Doubt, Frost/Nixon, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Reader.

Will NOT see: Nothing Like the Holidays, Four Christmases. And thank god Beverly Hills Chihuahua is making its leave.
Anatomical Natt


I haven't really been following the fic festivals. But if THIS is what get from a random sampling of the first page of hp_yule_balls, then I've been missing out and I need to get reading.

Interrupting Fate by Anonymous. NC-17. Snape/Draco.

Vinctus Anima by Anonymous. NC-17. Harry/Snape.

All Apologies...And Blowjobs by Anonymous. NC-17. Harry/Draco. <----------OMG, CLICKIT.

I'll update with authors as they are revealed, I'm sure.