November 24th, 2008

Fairy Snape.


I believe I just wrote fanfiction for the first time since well before The Half Blood Prince came out. Yeah, that's a long ass time. In fact, is Harry Potter fanfic thriving anymore since that ass-rip of an epilogue in the last book? I honestly don't know -- I haven't read one single fanfic in just as long. Let me know!

Who knows if this is a fluke or a magical sign of my return to this side of the tracks? Not I!

But! I expect to complete a delicious gender-bender of a Harry/Draco fic sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family.

And then I'm getting married? WTF?

If you exist and you recognize me, give me a holler.

ALSO: If you've sent me an e-mail at all in the past, erm, year or two, I'm sorry I couldn't respond. I wasn't checking my e-mail. And when I finally did, Yahoo had deleted my inbox.