August 22nd, 2004

Anatomical Natt

Recs post

Late Recs

--You should go read bittersplendor's very cute Harry/Draco mpreg fic Compromise, because, well, it involves Ninja Turtles. You cannot resist that. :)

--I read Interlude (Remus/McGonagall) by shadowycat a while back, and it was enjoyable, though I thought the characters' voices veered off toward the end. Actually, I thought their characterization as a whole veered off toward the end, but a lot of it was nice.

--The Root of All Midnight Blues by scribbulus_ink. All McKay's stories that I've read are recommendable, but I liked this one in particular because I'm a sucker for both possessive!agressor!Snape and bottom!Remus---and combined? My kind of fic.


--Is it just me, or is there a lot more Pansy!fic floating around now that she's got a pretty girl to play her part in the movie? Had they cast her as dog-faced, like she was described, I wonder if this would still be the case.

--I've realized I'm not at all interested in reading, er, "somnophilia" fic. After all, what's the fun in molesting someone if you don't get a reaction? Now, if they wake up in the middle of it, that's a different story...