August 5th, 2004

Anatomical Natt

Planned fics vs. spontaneous ones.

I notice I never finish fics I plan out unless they are for ficathons; but that's only because I can't stand disappointing people. The only ones I do finish are spontaneous, the ones I stop in the middle of writing other fics to start. So it amazes me that I always return to the fics I am planning out, even though the odds that they will be posted are slim.

Even my longest (published) fic, The Ridulous Notion at 21,000+ words, was spontaneous. Actually I wrote most of it so fast that I thought it came out terribly and was originally going to post it under another pen name, just to see how people would react to it. (I'm glad I didn't. For some reason, it became more popular than any fic I've ever written.)

Maybe my careful, planned fics are my practice fics, which I am just passing the time with so that my writing won't turn into something dreadful. Maybe I am just a silly dreamer, always striving for the unlikely.

You know, even this post was a spontaneous one, cutting in front of another post I was going to make about recommendable fics. Go figure.
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