April 7th, 2004

Anatomical Natt

New and AMAZINGLY late recs

I'm glad to be able to link this to someplace outside the mpreg group: Follow Your Heart by ntamara and escapisms. This is real mpreg, mmm.

If I were you, right now I would be reading florahart's fic about Severus and his mother. I don't believe it has a title. It's basically gen, it's short, and extremely well written. One of the best fics I've ever read, I would say. She made me feel as though I were there, with her meaningful but subtle descriptions.

A Distinctly Different Manner of Finding Prince Charming by Maya. This has been recced all over the place already, but luckily I don't mind. It's McGonagall/Flitwick and it is grand, and also--it is grand.

get back by nothingbutfic. Ginny/Luna. I was surprised. I have little opinion of Luna right now and I don't like Ginny much, but I did here. It was fun!

I also read A Choriambic Progression. Well--I read about two-thirds of it. The words are put together in a very fine and witty way a lot the time, but it is so, so stuffed with never-ending (la), mind-numbing (la la), going-on-and-on (la, la la) prose that I have been forced to read it in segments day by day. But I finally stopped because I admitted to myself that I was bored. I wish I weren't bored, because it is funny and cute and clever at some points. It would be just fine if it were condensed.


I've started reading The Good Woman of Setzuan, an interesting enough play.
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