August 29th, 2003

Anatomical Natt

Recs and a question

--Have finished the great Snape Quest. Am satisfied, though not as much as I had hoped.

--Have recently read the following Harry/Snape lovelies:

Songfic by Trismegistus. I was skeptical that I would enjoy this when I started (because of the title, silly me). However, it was…not disappointing. I would say it was very good if not for the fact that Snape regained his erection within the time it took for them to take off their clothes.

A Convenient Marriage by Diana Williams. It was interesting and well-written, though it left me feeling mushier than I like to feel after reading a story wherein the couple is forced together. Sort of a nasty, floating feeling in the back of my mind, screaming No, it simply doesn’t work this way! Just the same, I enjoyed myself.

Clipped Wings by Theresa Ann Wymer, which I found through isiscolo’s recs page. It was original, well-crafted, and intelligent. Dudley was a believable and remarkable character—the best I’ve seen him done (makes me long for more Dursley stories, not that this was one). I found the ending to be abrupt, though that may have been because I didn’t want it to end.

--Canon question: Do any of you recall whether Harry admitted to Ron and/or Hermione the actual reason why the Occlumency lessons were discontinued (concerning “Snape’s Worst Memory”)? I searched through the book for a while, couldn’t find anything on it, but am still unsure. I found that he told them Snape decided he was probably able to do it on his own, but after that, nothing….
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