August 23rd, 2003

Anatomical Natt

Draco Art

--I am progressing in--dum duh duh dum!--the Snape Quest. Snape is wonderful.

--I have been tinkering with this blasted Paint Shop program. I have succeeded in little and am still frustrated by it, but I will keep going. For the good of mankind personal amusement.

Completed my first little doodle done fully on the computer. I don't find it very beautiful, but it's my baby (almost literally), my first, so I am proud.

Huffy little DracoCollapse )

My second was drawn by hand and colored on the computer. It is of Draco again, though only now have I noticed how similar they are (excluding age). Both frontal poses, both Draco, both dressed in green. I shall try something differnt next time.

Girly-prostitute!DracoCollapse )

He originally had long hair; I edited it out because I felt he already looked enough like a girl without those flowing locks. (It could have very well been a young Lockhart without that infernal smirk!) However, now the right side of his neck and his right shoulder look odd. Criticism would be lovely, yes, yes, indeed.

Dear me, I do hate So very blurry. Does anyone know of any alternatives?
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