June 1st, 2003

Anatomical Natt

I inflict upon you the HORROR of my artwork.

Ah, terribly sorry, katiethewriter and psychobarfly, that the picture of the crooked-faced baby Harry did not work. It works now I am sure.

I have such troubles with drawing faces! I do not claim to be an artist, but this is disgraceful. My Paint Harry and Draco creations were better than that and now this...! Ah, well. It is a progressive thing I suppose--drawing, writing, painting, and all that. Practice makes perfect and all that nonsense. NO. Practice makes certain that you are reminded that you are a weakling.

A very nude, young, Remus Lupin with an "S" necklace, which preferably stands for Severus (*flaunts Severus/Remus*), though it could very well stand for Sirius if that is your favorite. Done from a photograph because I do not claim to have such skills as to draw what is from my head. DI-fecking-SIST!

I will textually CRITICIZE you, Lupin: Your head is deformed, your hands are dainty, your pubic hair is tidy. Fecking werewolf.

Drew him a month ago. You will now attempt to enjoy his awkwardness. *shame*

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Did I tell you? I have a rubber duck on which I have bestowed the name Snape. No really, his name is written in black ink on his ducky body. Snape is a good duck, and like the original Snape he likely rarely bathes (or at least he has issues with shampoo). I have found a bit of "poetry"--poetry is perhaps a leap of a title, as my attempts are rather weak and silly--that I wrote several months ago about my rubber Snape. It has nothing to do with The Snape and everything to do with a duck named Snape.

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