May 26th, 2003

Anatomical Natt


Yes, it's that blasted Friends Meme, which I have renamed the DRIED PLUM MEME. Behold!

I have not mentioned each and every friend because accuracy is far more...accurate...than thoughtfulness. Do read on. Enter my soul! *swoops mysteriously into the shadowy underworld*

Partake of my plums?
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In other news, it is hot out and I have made the sun my bitch.
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Anatomical Natt

Peh, I am dizzy like a bumblebee.

--My stomach is calling for nourishment. There is no nourishment present! Woe!

--I have wasted away the weekend when I should have been completing two major projects. I need a good smack. I shall get on that right away. *sigh* A painting and 3 photo essays in 5 hours. Think it's possible? Well perhaps if you'd get up and do something. I agree...

--I am not cut out for writing sad-sad. Sad-sad, though, I have written for contrelamontre's 45 minute Color Challenge. But it was a good exercise; I should do that more often.

Outward Beauty
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