May 4th, 2003

Anatomical Natt

Am in one of those silly moods that I will be embarrassed about later.

Been Watching CoS

--The scene in which Harry arrives at the Weasey's...they're at breakfast...they receive their Hogwarts letters...Percy fetches them from the owl...then he leans over the table and the thin material of the pajamas he is wearing let's me see the outline of his bottom if I look closely enough. I am not a Weasley lover. But I am now an official member of the Percival Weasley's Bottom is Pleasureful Club.

--I am steadily growing more attracted to Tom Felton's milky, milky neck, and less attracted to Daniel Radcliffe's acting skills.

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Anatomical Natt

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--Because simmysim wishes for this to be spread like wildflowers and disease.... And you should steal it also. Because it would make Simmy happy.

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--How many days until OotP? Sigh.... A lot, I think.

--The Crush Trilogy, by Zahra was amazing. Had me leaning forward in my seat (well, bed really, for that is where I sit). An outstanding style of writing. And here is one of many wonderful pieces:

"You've been staring at me for the last quarter hour because I've got strawberry preserve on my mouth?" Draco replied, his voice rather dry. Harry thought that if he looked up 'droll' in the dictionary Malfoy's photograph would be there – with his left eyebrow arched. "Would you'd care to get rid of it for me, Potter? Lick it off, perhaps?"

In Harry's mind, crushes were not supposed to have good ideas. Harry had never licked one of his crushes in his life. That was no reason not to start. When Harry leaned over and licked the corner of Malfoy's mouth he wasn't expecting it to taste of anything other than jam. Unfortunately Malfoy also tasted of cinnamon and dirt and Lemon Zingers. Harry happened to really like Lemon Zingers. So when his tongue was back where it belonged, and Malfoy had put his eyes back in his head and stopped clutching at his chair in apoplectic shock, Harry stood up and prepared to leave. Possibly to procure some Lemon Zingers.

If I had time, I would certainly run and read it again.