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Busy as a bee.

The word librarian reminds me of the word bumblebee. I don't recall why.

Busy busy busy.

Check List:

--Study. Literature exam tomorrow.
--Praise myself. 95% on science final. Hoo. Ha. CHECK
--Register for astronomy classes next semester.
--Read Katie's updates because I can't get them off of my mind. *hearts Katie*
--Send Katie my story bits because that's rather important too.
--Breathe. CHECK
--Finish reading "Yet Another Snape Meets the Dursleys Story" because it's on my mind as well. I won't get anything done like this!

The story I mentioned above is one of the most interesting fan fictions I've ever read. I'm starting to think I'm going backward, regressing from Slash, to Pre-Slash, now to Gen. I'd never thought I'd like General fiction. I'd REALLY recommend that fic to anyone. It's PG, which also surprises me (I tend to find it difficult to enjoy PG fics). It's well written. It's long. Go read, because I can't. *glances up at Check List*

Where have I been?

Where did that story come from?


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