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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

I Am the Most Gallant Smock.

Tra, la, la. I've grown fond of Paint. So, in my indecision of an extremely minor fic issue, I've made a diagram, which I like to call A Diagram. The extremely minor issue is this: I cannot decide which shape to make Harry's cupboard door. Yes, an excuse to use Paint. Since I don't come across these doors often, I decided to take a poll--the Old Fashioned Way! (Without tose new fangled things you Paid Users have...*grumble*) Therefore, cast upon me your opinion, if you'd like.

The line on top is the imaginary staircase. The small black thingies are the hinges.

I believe I've gone over some of this in a previous entry, but I've been thinking of it for several hours and no longer care.

Is it so cliche that Draco is the evil guy that it's become cliche that he is not?

What I mean is that when people notice something that is overdone, they tend to avoid it (or mock it, or attempt to improve it). Now I notice that since it seems a bit obvious to use Draco as the evil, plotting, Death Eater Slytherin who is out to get Harry, he is too often used as a spy on the Light side of the war. I no longer notice many fics that portray Draco as someone who intends to join Voldemort and actually does so, stays there for the duration of the war, and ends up there in the end. He is persuaded to join Dumbledore before he joins, persuaded to turn on Voldemort and become a spy for Dumbledore, or is redeemed for some heroic act by the end of the fic. Don't get me wrong--I like Draco to end up on Dumbledore's team, but I still wonder whether fics that portray an all around anti-Light, heartless, Harry-hating Draco are still out there (while keeping the boy in character!). Hm, maybe if I read Gen, then I'd have that. It's not very likely in Slash is it, for Draco and Harry to have a relationship under those circumstances? Then again, I do recall it happening in one or two good Harry/Severus fics. Hm.

Other things that I dislike:

---Characters, who admit to never having had gay sex, who magically know what to do once they hop into the sack. Even worse is when they are virgins and happen to have lube lying around.

---Snape described as elegant and dashing; and Snape who never uses compound words under any circumstances or words with less that 46 syllables. "I am unlearned, Albus, to the allegation that I am in the possession of a superbious inclination!" the sophisticated Potions master declared, flipping his luxurious locks over his proud shoulder, raising his refined nose into the air. I apologize that I've said this before, but I cannot say it enough: Snape is a pale-faced, yellow-toothed, grumpy, old grease ball. Hmph.

---A naive Harry. "What's sex? What's a penis? What's that funny warm feeling in my no-no spot when you touch me, Draco?"

---Abused-by-My-Daddy!Draco. Yes, we all know it. So, go cry on someone else's shoulder, Draco, you big baby.

---Remus/Sirius. I like the pairing. But I dislike that it's so automatic, or even expected, in so many stories. I'm starting to find it weird that they aren't referring to each other with pet names when I read PoA.

There are too many to list. So I won't. I'll just try to be optimistic now...

Other things that I do like:

---Okay, I'll say it. You don't have to smack me (I can do it myself). I, Natt, admit that I enjoy Abused-by-the-Dursleys!Harry and Reluctantly-Saves-Him-and-Is-Momentarily-Hostile-But-Is-Suddenly-Sympathetic-and-Sexes-Harry's-Problems-Away!Severus. *exhale* On occasion, however. They are so very hard to find well written. I've seen perhaps one or two good ones.

---motherly!Remus. It's terribly out of character, and I do scold myself for this, saying "how on earth could you support such a thing?", but I enjoy it. I really do. To an extent. I like the idea of a happy Harry/Sirius/Remus family. Motherly Remus, fatherly Sirius, normal kid Harry. Still, thinking of it TOO much can be revolting. The Remus of PoA seems much gentler (though not womanly) than any other male, and I do enjoy that in fic when it is taken just slightly overboard for some reason. Once again, though, on occasion.

...I'm sure there were others. Peh.


Queer as Folk tomarrow. Yay. It seems as though it's been weeks. Joy.

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You have inspired me to go off and write a things i like and don't like meme-type thing.

I'm such a bitter and hateful person though. Will have big long lists of things i dislike. Whee. Too tired for now however. Must whizz off for finals studying.

And i like the pentagular door. The quadrangular one looks way too sharp and pointy. Harry might hurt himself o0.

Hm, from psychobarfly's post, it seems I've put the hinges and the doorknob on backward...now that I look at it. I like the pentangular all right as well. Hm.

Finals, argh. *pat pat*

I ought to smack you around for that! >>>:(

(Or pat you merrily.)

Mmm...can't see the top half of the door...though, my guess is it's four-sided.



I love the "Shiny" icon of yours. *grin* Too cute!!! *grin* Love it!

Yours is rather spiffing as well!!!!1 :D :D

Thank you much! *grin* I like the Arthur one too! Altho Shiny still wins.

Aww, but what about the Bottom!Draco BUMSEX one? Surely that tops them all. . . . >:D

*grin* Yes... Yes it does...

*falls over*

---Abused-by-My-Daddy!Draco. Yes, we all know it. So, go cry on someone else's shoulder, Draco, you big baby.

*coughs innocently and slinks away*

*snort snort snort*

Let me guess... :D

First: I like the quad door... Dunno... just feels right in my head. But you could do either and be just fine.

Second: I agree with the overuse of Dray turning to the Light at Dumbly's request, etc. But if written right, it can work. *Shies away quietly, since she's all about Dray-For-The-Light* But I will agree wholeheartedly that there's not nearly enough Draco=Badass stuff.

Third: The Snape thing. We've been through it, yet no one ever gets it. *sigh* Shameful. Why don't people get that he's not a dashing, debonair guy. He's greasy and yellow-skinned and ick. (Unless it's Alan Rickman. That's something entirely else.)

Fourth: Hee hee.... Naive!Harry's funny. So OOC, but funny. But I am quite tired of him.

Fifth: The Daddy-Abused-Me-Please-Hold-Me-Harry!!Draco is quite overused, I agree again. Why can't people jsut glaze over the fact. We all know it's happened. Deal!

Sixth: I do the same thing. Remus/Sirius is very popular, and almost expected. And there's never an "OMG! You're GAY?!?" from Harry. He just deals with it. Why? I don't get it. *sigh*

And finally...

Seventh: Mommy!Remus is too cute. *grin* I def. agree here.

*hugs you* Natt, you're always so thoughtful! *does the Natt-Rocks dance yet again*


Tee hee.

And there's never an "OMG! You're GAY?!?"

Yes! Of course, not all cases should have an overreacting Harry, but I've not come across many ever. I like the theory that the magical world is much more open about homosexuality than the muggle world. Still, some element of surprise could be present at some time. Maybe I'm just too opinionated. Natt, you cannot have all of your Dracos wimpy, all of your Snapes oily, all of your Lupins motherly (besides, that's not even IC, Natt), all of this and that and this....


I should own the world.

I should own the world. Why the hell not. Might be more fun that way. *wink*

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