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Can't get my thoughts out in the forms of paragraphs.

Lists are nice

--It is very, very difficult to write a scene that takes place on a cold day when I'm sticking to the insides of my clothes and can FEEL the sun glaring at me.

--I itch.

--I really itch. I think there were fleas in the auditorium where I auditioned. Quite an old building. They need to fecking clean up.

--Why do I tan so easily? I'll be the color of dirt if I step one foot out of my home during the summer. Dirt is not attractive. Though I can appreciate that I've never had a sunburn. (I've heard those hurt.)

--Ordered 3 books a few days ago. They should arrive within the week. Something or other about art, something or other by Steven King, and Life of Pi, which I only remember because I hate the ocean, animals, and little boys who float in the middle of the ocean with animals. ...hmm.

--Major-Science-Exam-One-Fourth-of-Your-Overall-Grade-Very-Difficult-So-Go-Study my arse! Kicked that sucker's tail, I did. Worship me Albert Einstein. for you know NOTHING.

--I dislike Ginny Weasley. I'm not fond of most females in the first place. *waves to friends list* I like Hermione because she is one of those "smart types". *waves to friends list again* But Ginny, she's too shy and, erm...push-over-ish from what JKR has shown us. She stands around and lets things happen, and when things get serious, she sort of fades away for a while. She's not really developed a personality yet. She's not as frequent as most characters, which is why it baffles me to see devout and utter nothing-but-this-or-else-I'll-die Ginny/anyone shippers. How does this happen? It's not even because I dislike the girl; it's just that I would honestly like to know. Why? How? I read silly things that involve minor characters, but not to that extent.

--For courteney if my detective skills are what I hope they are: Have a very lovely birthday. Yay for your life!

--And now it is time for
Okay, so maybe the dog is a bit small to play Sirius. But now I am still in the mood for some blond/puppy lovin'. Erm...or something like that.

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