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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Feeling all around better.

Dear friends who replied to this...

I was quite confused and half-asleep when I posted that, so I didn't exactly expect any replies--especially such thoughtful replies. I will not reply to each one of you because I really think it would be much more impersonal to just type out varied ways of saying "thank you" to each one of you than this post is. So, I just give one big thanks very much to each of you. You know very well who you are, and now you know that I did indeed read each comment and find understanding and comfort in each. It was a very nice smack back to reality. Thanks again friends.


The very wonderful and talented and kind and creative crimson_stained has written this Harry/Draco, "Blond Joke", which I happen to think is humorous. And I can frankly say that I am honored and flattered to have been thought of in the process. *strokes crimson_stained*

She has also written this, “Nothing Special", (Draco, general) and this, "Calamari" (Ron/Giant Squid. I worship you, Rachel) and--Yay!--this, "The Reversal of Roles" (Harry/Draco)</a>.

They are short--yes, as in snappy and sweet--and they are good. Why else would I bluntly say, go read them?

She of course has written much more, you sillies, but my tummy is calling impatiently for snacks.

*hearts Rachel*


I went to the West Side Story auditions yesterday. I believe I did fine; I made the Call Back list, at least. But when I arrived at Call Backs, their announcements were basically "So...we've decided not to do West Side Story and instead to do this Candy-Coated Happy-Happy that no one has ever heard of. Sound good? Great!" *blinks* So I auditioned for something I had no idea I was auditioning for. Has anyone out there heard of the musical "Carnival", to which they have suddenly and SUSPICIOUSLY changed the play? Their actions do not sound particularly professional to me. *seethes*

On the bright side, I have two major exams and two major project due tomorrow! I am utterly unprepared! Yay!

*runs off to kitchen*

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Wah. *blush*

Has anyone out there heard of the musical "Carnival"...<.i>

Urm. Actually no. It sounds...interesting though. Makes me think a little of Cirque Du Soleil or some silly Southern Belle Musical. Or it couls just be really crappy.

Give it a go though. Unless the directors are really horrible, you can always just make a big dramatic exit ^_^

*hearts you*


Makes me think a little of Cirque Du Soleil...

Hm, I think you're on the right track. Heard it was about an old circus in France or something similar...eh. But you're right, I could always just...not.

It was a very nice smack back to reality. Thanks again friends.

That's what we're here for Natt. We are your virtual shoulder to cry on, if you need it. No worries.

Besides you helped me so it's only right that I try and help you in return.

Yes, I suppose so, thanks. I promise to never get snot on your virtual shoulder, though. :D

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