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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Apparently I am sick, and I am going to sleep.

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You think you're good enough for Ru av Natten, YOU DIRTY WHORE?

--Painted a picture of Neville a couple days ago. It's nothing special, really; he looks like a cartoon character as all my paintings do. Trevor is sitting on his shoulder and they both wear troubled expressions because in the backround is Neville's exploding cauldron.

--I am in a very Dean/Draco mood right now. I believe I have written about this mood before, but I have never come across one and feel that the hunger will never leave me...MUST. FIND. SOMEWHERE. I don't think Draco would ever involve himself with Dean because I assume he's muggle-born...but! MUST. FIND. In the meantime, I suspect I will attempt to write one of my own. Attempt. Which reminds me! Started a silly Seamus/Dean, which looks to have no ending in sight as do most of my stories right about now. But that itself is my motivation. And at least I will never have reason again to claim boredom.

*tugs the TUFT and listens to the little boy squeal*


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*excerpt of dean/draco thingy i am working on*

I watch him.

Oh, everyone does, but they don’t know what they’re watching.

I do.

I know what makes them look twice; I know what attracts them, even as he pushes them away.

Well, starting from the basics: he’s healthy. He’s clean, young and full of vigor. It echoes all around him, his very life and it draws them in.

He’s not perfect, either, and people like that as well. He has two scars-- one just under his lower lip, easy to miss, because it’s usually where the shadow rests. One in the center of his forehead, which, strangely enough, is hard to see. It isn’t so much of a scar as a birthmark. A simple indent, about the length of my pinky nail. I wouldn’t know it for a scar, if I didn’t have a similar one on my ankle from falling off my older brother’s bicycle.

He’s beautiful, too, but that’s not what really invites people. He’s got a sort of symmetry that I’ve never seen before. His body is shaped, perfect. Almost fake. His pale skin glows with life. And I can’t take my eyes off him--

“Whatcha drawing, Dean?” Neville asked, dropping down beside me. “Aw, not Malfoy again.”


*comes back*

I HEART you.

I HEART you.

I am eager to read your genius.

What you have is stunning. So lovely and realistic and...*sigh*. I will be notified when this is complete. Yes, sir.

well, seeing as i was thinking of you when i made it, you will be the first to know. ^.-

Thinking of...*sob*...me?

*is in love*

You are the Simmy of my dreams! Talented and good! I await The Day. :)

you mean there's simmy's out there that aren't from your dreams? *gasp of shock and awe*

Oh yes! Dozens! But none of them compare to you, my heart.

:D! that's good to know. ^___^ *pulls on draco's tuft*

i was going to try to do that test thing up there . i've tried to get into it on a few different people's journals but it says email and password...and then it says error...do you know what is the original url for it?

Well, it's separate from your livejournal account, so you have to register again. There should be a separate link that says "register" or something of the sort somewhere on the page.

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