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Apparently I am sick, and I am going to sleep.

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You think you're good enough for Ru av Natten, YOU DIRTY WHORE?

--Painted a picture of Neville a couple days ago. It's nothing special, really; he looks like a cartoon character as all my paintings do. Trevor is sitting on his shoulder and they both wear troubled expressions because in the backround is Neville's exploding cauldron.

--I am in a very Dean/Draco mood right now. I believe I have written about this mood before, but I have never come across one and feel that the hunger will never leave me...MUST. FIND. SOMEWHERE. I don't think Draco would ever involve himself with Dean because I assume he's muggle-born...but! MUST. FIND. In the meantime, I suspect I will attempt to write one of my own. Attempt. Which reminds me! Started a silly Seamus/Dean, which looks to have no ending in sight as do most of my stories right about now. But that itself is my motivation. And at least I will never have reason again to claim boredom.

*tugs the TUFT and listens to the little boy squeal*


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