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Summer Book List.

Idea was taken from Katie, whose book list seemed nifty enough that I figured hey, why not? Since I will likely loose a book list written on paper, I have typed it here; and since this is public, perhaps that fact will persuade me into finishing each book so as not to embarrass my knowledge-less self in--*checks calendar*--three months or so. So, thank you, katiethewriter, for publicizing ideas that I might shuffle away with!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Physical Science Text
Earth Science Text
The Language Instinct
Space Odyssey
Anna Karenina

I'll be proud of myself if I get through half of those. ...Don't look at me that way --those feckers are THICK! (And the words are wee.) I really don't intend to spend my days drinking coffee and laying around reading. I believe astronomy classes and trips to the gym and LONG, LONG periods of writing will be dominating my summer.

Extended List for if I finish List #1:

Zoe Caldwell --have no idea what it is about, but the cover is nice. Was a gift.
Interview With the Vampire --no, I haven't read it, damn it.
The Silmarillion --no, I haven't read this yet either.
Misery --I HATE not finishing books. I've honestly been slogging my way through this since I was 11 years old. It's interesting, but somehow, I am always, always am dragged away from it.

There you have it! I had no idea that my factual books came so very before my fictional books until after I finished writing that. Eh. *pounces on catnip mouse and waits nicely for A Bittersweet Potion to be updated*

And thanks very much to those of you who commented on my sad-sad. Made me happy-happy!

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