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Yes, it's that blasted Friends Meme, which I have renamed the DRIED PLUM MEME. Behold!

I have not mentioned each and every friend because accuracy is far more...accurate...than thoughtfulness. Do read on. Enter my soul! *swoops mysteriously into the shadowy underworld*

Partake of my plums?
You stole this from: nightshade24
With the coolest username: galesmystique, untiemybinds, icarusancalion, hydaspes
With the coolest userpics: princess_draco, psychobarfly, maeglinyedi
Most likely to comment in your journal: katiethewriter, psychobarfly, simmysim, crimson_stained
You last added: Several, actually. But off the top of my head--princess_draco
You first added: lycoris, then katiethewriter
Who seems to be on ALL your friends' lists: Well, I am certainly not checking each list right now, but who comes to mind is psychobarfly
What's the longest you've gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up: Around a week I suppose.
What's the longest you've gone without reading LJ since you discovered it: A day or so.
How many of your LJ friends do you know in "real life": Zero.
Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ: Oh, feck. By asking this you are expecting ME to think. I would have to say isiscolo
Have you ever wanted to meet someone from LJ: Well, it has come to mind, but overall no, not really.
Whose journal do you enjoy reading the most: Just one? I would have to say crimson_stained. There is a certain...”pizzazz” about you, which I know is vague, but I just plain enjoy reading your journal, Rachel.
Which one do you admire: Hm...I will go with isiscolo for seeming cogitative and katiethewriter for seeming kind.
Which one has an attitude problem: I have not encountered this, but as soon as I do I will besure to point it out rudely.
Which one is the funniest: Definitely psychobarfly. You make me snicker, big sis'.
Which one is the sweetest: katiethewriter, untiemybinds, and taradiane
Which one can you trust the most: *lifts eyebrow*
Which one do you know the best: *lifts other eyebrow*
Which one are you most likely to have a crush on: *toes the ground* Well I...golly. I will have to say psychobarfly, lycoris, and sympathetic_ink
Who's the prettiest/cutest: The neck of Draco Malfoy. And that is fucking that.
Who's the tallest: Severus Snape. He can loom over me anyday.
Who's the shortest: Flitwick, because Rowling says so.
Who's the oldest: I'm unsure. I'd say either theweirdingway or titti. Correction! isiscolo claims to have more years than Titti. And that is certainly that.
Who's the youngest: Quite unsure. grizelda or galesmystique or simmysim?
Who do you see the most: See? See? And would it not be whom do I see? I am so very confused.
Who do you talk to most online: No one. Not fond of messengers.
Prettiest hair: katiethewriter has nice flowing tresses in her icon. (Though I think she hacked them all off.) And what sort of fecking question is this anyway? *scowl*
Most like you: I am becoming impatient.
Ones you'd like to get to know: All of you. Or else I would not have freinded you. BUT! How about a few? katiethewriter, crimson_stained, pastles, nightshade24, untiemybinds, and hydaspes

In other news, it is hot out and I have made the sun my bitch.

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