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Pretty stars. No, they are not asterisks.

*YEARNS for A Bittersweet Potion to be updated*


*Knows it is coming. FEELS that it is coming. PINES that it is coming*

I will now be patient. *is being patient*

I am glad you are sharing this with the world Alchemia Dent and Bugland and know you will likely never read this but...*contentment*

Who knew that Pre-slash could be so satisfying?

Patience is with me.


It is a hot and sticky day. I am miserable with my headache, oily youthful skin, and neck crick...crick of the neck...irritation in neck.

Stole Came across a physical science book entitled Physical Science. I like science. Science love has been with me since age 9 when I first learned of the solar system and pronounced Uranus "Your anus". I am wondering whether to suddenly jump up and pursuit a career in this..."science" because, well, just because. I am wondering how much money teachers really do make.

Now I realize that I hate most teenagers. And young children. And very young children. And looking at them. But having summers and late afternoons off--that is tempting. *thinks*

*head hurts*

*neck cricks*

Edited TUFT icon because the fecking heart irritated me. Besides, Draco likes pink arrows more than red arrows.

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