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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

A Very Manly Entry

The Opinion

I have been thinking. (Yes, I do that.) I don't particularly like the word manhood in reference to the penis. I came to the conclusion while muttering "hmm...what ofwomanhood for vagina?" Is it used? I have read het...er...once. (I still shudder in horror.)


And so! the gallant, sexually-appealing Slytherin took into his hands his pulsating manhood, inserting it readily into the weeping womanhood of the fragile and wide-eyed Gryffindor.


I am hereby displeased at the sight of those words used in that particular sense.


Penis Alternatives from A to Z

Fuck stick
Gleaming love stick
King, the
Love Pump
Quarter Pounder With Cheese
Vaginal Explorer
X (no, I have no effing clue.)
Zipper Trout



from the Greek phallus. Plural: phalli

A Nursery Rhyme

Twenty perky phalli
Sitting in a row--
On which one shall I
Choose to have a go?

Sally says the purple sort
Do not taste of candy.
Billy claims the short
Sort are often rather dandy!

But slutty little Draco,
In his skirt, which is quite airy,
Will always have a great go
'Long as it belongs to Harry.

Then Natt creeps away, avoiding rotten vegetables and Avada Kedavras.

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Love the nursery rhyme, Draco in a skirt, wouldn't we all love to see that!


Okay, I cannot stop laughing at this post. You are too funny!

Great job though. I also hate the word manhood. I also hate 'member'. Give me good old fashioned 'cock' and 'dick' anyday.

*pauses as she thinks over that last sentence*

Yep, that just took on a whole new meaning. LOL!

X: X-rated object?

Adore your rhyme.

... *is tempted to ask to use rhyme for opening page of site*

*jots some notes down about the list*

*is tempted to say "do what you wish with it because I'd be honored!"*

i have to say that this was the funniest journal entry i have read in a while!!
maybe that shows how boring my life ...
i love the slutty little draco in a skirt line!!!
whoo hoo!!

Yes, manhood is an icky word.

Can't say that all of your alternatives are any better however.

Love Pump?

Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

Can we just stick to penis?

Yes, we can stick to penis and I hope most of us do! Though, I was particularly fond of Love Pump...

But it's a horrible, disgusting word!

He put his Love Pump inside her love seat, just before his love gravy came out.

(Love seat is a particually horrible one and so is love gravy. My friend collects them and sends them to me to make me miserable. You obviously have the same inclination!)

*falls over laughing*

Oh. My. God. That was pretty much the funniest thing I've read in a while. *grin*

I LOVE the Nursery Rhyme.

And I agree about the "manhood/womanhood" thing. That's just not right. *sigh* Then again, I hate talking about sex in my stories anyway... I suppose that makes me prude-ish or something, but I don't care. *shrug* I still haven't found something that really feels write-with-able. *sigh* the problems of a writer.

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