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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Ever So Sleepy....

--Had more fun than a person should have playing my Cos DVD is slow motion today. It is very much clearer; the letters are pronounced and I can hear where the characters mumble. Rupert Grint irritated me especially. I never guessed that he was a mumbler before...but now I know. I KNOW. Tom Felton seems to mumble a lot less in slow motion. And Jason Isaacs--he makes me tremble in slow motion!

--Paid the rest of my fees and will be enjoying a nice trip to Ashland, Oregon in the Autumn. The Shakespeare Festival is grand.

--What is it? --30...31 days until OotP? Am melting to goop in anticipation!

--Still no word from lovely beta #2 concerning my story, The Outing. It's my fault, really; I was warned that it would not be prompt.

--Officially KILLED Summertime Singularity.--And I have several of you to thank again for your helpful advice on the subject. Thank you.--Sent word to a couple archives. But not Inkstained Fingers or PSA.

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erm...i hope you don't plan on deleting the entire thing.

*whinges* keep a copy somewhere. for me? i do love bunnyslippered!draco. or was it duckypajama!draco.

i watched CoS in slow-motion too. More extended Dan Radcliffe staring!

It was bunny pajamas AND bunny slippers! The one at ff.net will stay up for now, but it will come down from every other archive.

Oh yes! MUCH staring. Though, I found myself focusing mostly on Tom Felton's teeth for some reason. *blink blink* ...I think they're lovely teeth....

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