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Malfoy Awareness Day!

I have been thinking very much of why so many (Harry/Draco) fics portray Draco Malfoy as a gorgeous creature, a sex god, a part-veela, a porcelain flower, a ladies' man (or a mens' man)--he has been everything! He has been utterly the most beautiful thing to walk the earth and he damned well has admitted it, too. If many fics do not pay tribute to his high cheek bones; his full lips; his milky, moon-kissed skin; his thick eye lashes; or his flowing, glowing hair, then it is his Quidditch-toned body (might I add that I still don't see the logic in people gaining muscle by flying around on a stick). He's either trim and muscled, or sinewy and delicate. This isn't an attempt to put anyone down--because I've mentioned some of the traits above myself in stories--for writing what they would like to write, but I'd just like to know why. And how! How did this come about? I will now point out a very short bit of fact, which you will either read or not read.

While the books are in Rowling's words, the words are from Harry's Point of View. Yes, the almighty POV. This means that since this belongs to Harry, it may hinder my ultimate point; but we'll put that aside for now.

Harry notices people whether they are thick or thin, pug-faced or pretty. They are there and Harry has four eyes with which to see them. Harry notices that Cedric Diggory is "an extremely handsome boy". He notices that Cho Chang is "extremely pretty". He notices that Millicent Bulstrode has a "large and square head" and a "heavy jaw". But Draco Malfoy was described as most of us know him: with a pale complexion, a pointy face, grey eyes, and white-blond hair. He was not described as ugly, nor was he described as beautiful. He was described and that is all.

I am not trying to prove that Draco Malfoy is either one of those things, but I am trying to prove that he is probably nothing special--a face in the crowd.

ivyblossom's Morality Quiz had me thinking last night. But I seem to be the only person (as far as I saw) who thought that Bob was not a bad guy. You're a good guy, Bob. You're not alone in the world.

>Here were my comments from yesterday.
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