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Christian Bale--What? Where?

So, suddenly I am in the middle of a whirl of Christian Bale-ness and will now inflict it on YOU. The following has nothing to do with anything really important.

Angers me: Christian auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson in 'Titanic', but was turned down because James Cameron didn't want two British people playing the lead roles of two Americans.

I am wondering why Christian Bale and Leonardo Dicaprio are all jumbled throughout one anothers roles...

Christian had auditioned for the part of Mercutio in 'William Shakespeares Romeo + Juliet' with Claire Danes ('Little Women') and Leonardo DiCaprio, (who was almost going to play the role of Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho', and was rumoured to almost play Christian's role in 'Equilibrium') but didn't get the part.

Eh, peh.

And for pointless pictures:




Christian Bale was up for the part of Remus Lupin. I still, after all these months, am bitter that he didn't get it. But life goes on.

--I read katiethewriter's VoW update last night. It was SWELL Katie! I still admire the work you do with the songs, but I must admit....well...that you can probably guess which scenes I adore most. *cough*Draco*cough*Harry*cough* And thank you galesmystique as it seems from Katie's notes that she added the lap action for you, which has made ME quite happy. Hoo hah!

EDIT: Newsies! <td>

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I am Itey!
I am so cute! I'm never "center stage," but I don't mind, you can almost always see me in the background. I don't talk much, but I listen. I have habits like pressing my tongue against the inside of my lip and fiddling with my suspenders. I'm so lucky to be me!

Which Newsie are you?
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