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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Am hungry to complete matress action!

--Walked outside today and noticed something was different. Couldn't put my finger on it. Than I realized it--the blasted sun was out! I loathe spring.

--Does anyone have a clue whether the word zephyrous with an OU exists? (Rather than the god Zephyrus with only a U.) The dictionary sites I've searched all say NO besides dictionary.com. But dictionary.com apparently requires a paid account in order to reach that definition. WELL!

--I feel I will have to wait until OotP comes out to get going on a piece of writing that I am excited over. It depends on an important canon question, which we all know as What the hell is the Order of the Phoenix? I will work on HWC and my underagedprostitute!Draco/supersuave!James Potter story until then.

And a survey, taken from Katie. Thank you, Katie...

1. Spell your first name backward: Er...Tann. Or Ur. --Oh, my REAL name? Too long and unpronounceable.
2 The story behind your lj user name: A couple friends wanted to make a me a Hobbit ID card for a birthday gift. They chose to make my hobbit name "Morningfluff". When I first needed a name for myself in the online Harry Potter world, I chose to use the opposite of my nickname, Morningfluff, and the closest thing I could come up with was "Night Rough", which in Norwegian (a language I wish to study) is Ru av Natten. Or so I presume.
3. Are you married? Nope
4. Where do you live? Trying to stalk me, eh?
5. 4 words that sum you up: fickle, opinionated, neutral, ambitious

6. Wallet: don't own one.
7. Hairbrush: blue with black pointy-things
8. Toothbrush: orange with white pointy-things
9. Jewelry worn daily: Don't wear jewelry.
10. Pillow Cover: black with drool-spots.
11. Blanket: A black sheet. An itchy magenta-ish blanket. A green comforter. STYLISH, EH?
12. Coffee Cup: A Harry Potter Quidditch cup. An I HEART New York Cup. A big pisces cup.
13. Underwear: All normal and cotton.
14. CD in Stereo right now: Silverchair: Diarama.
15. Tattoos: Nope.
16. Piercings: Have a couple holes. Don't wear earrings.
17. What you are wearing now: A St Patricks Day tee shirt and plaid pajama pants.
18. Hair: Black (LIKE MY SOUL!)
19. Makeup: No sir.

WHAT (was/is/are)
20. In my mouth: Saliva.
21. In my head: Prostitute!Draco and Gonna!get!me!some!blond!James Potter
22. Wishing: I could touch Tom Felton's neck.
23. After this: Continuing to deflower Draco.
24. Talking to: No one.
25. Eating: Nothing. Though I had a hotpocket a while ago.
26. Fetishes: Tom Felton's neck.
27. If You Could Get Away With Murdering Anyone, Who Would It Be And For What Reason: The people who created Tom Felton's neck for torturing me so!
29. Is Next to You: Er...a black wardrobe. A white telephone. A black bedside table. A couple bookshelves. Several old calendars merely hanging for aesthetic reasons.
30. Some of your Favorite Movies: Newsies! Shaft. Reign of Fire. Basically, Christian Bale flicks are alright with me.
31. The Last Thing you Ate: A hotpocket.
32. Something You Are Deathly Afraid Of: Death
33. Do You Like Candles: I don't have anything against them.
34. Do You Like Hot Wax: Not particualrly.
35. Do You Like Incense: It's stinky like girls.
36. Do You Like the Taste of Blood: Actually, yes.
37. Do You Believe in Love: Not really.
38. Do You Believe in Soul Mates: Not in the least.
39. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight: Only in Shakespeare
40. Do You Believe in Heaven: the adjective.
41. Do You Believe in Forgiveness: Depends.
42. Do You Believe in God: Nope.
43. What Do You Want to be Done With Your Body After You Die: *blinks*
44. Who is your Worst Enemy: I haven't any enemies.
45. If You Could Have Any Animal for a Pet, What Would it Be: Animals are stinky.
46. Ever Been to Belgium: No. But my father brought me a coffee cup from Belgium. WHY? I really don't know.
47. Can You Eat With Chopsticks: Chopsticks don't eat, silly.
48. What's Your Favorite Coin: I used to collect them as a wee one. I like my pesos.
49. What Are Some of Your Favorite Types of Candy: Er...something with a creamy filling, without mention of nuts (including peanut butter).
50. What's Something You Wish People Would Understand: I don't want to pursue a career in music or performance, Mother.
51. What's Something You Wish You Could Understand Better: Math.

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You're welcome, Natt, Love! *grin* I had quite a bit of fun reading through the survey... But the best bit....

47. Can You Eat With Chopsticks: Chopsticks don't eat, silly.

I was literally cackling. *does the Natt's-Funny dance*

Oh! Well, I am fond of that one myself.

*waves Katie-Finds-Me-Amusing flag* Hoo ha!


*does the Natt-Amuses-Me dance*

Ya know, we've got lotsa dances and flags...

And this is not getting my author's notes done for Voices 16.

*snickers* Good luck! Glad I could be a distraction!

Well, you were quite the distraction... For a good 20 minutes or so, all I was doing was getting the LJ emails saying someone responded to a comment, and then hunting through LJ to find where you left the comment so I could comment back. (I like doing that better than posting through the email b/c then I can pick a pic to use. In case you were wondering.)

But I did finally get the notes done, and the new chapter's up. *hint, hint*

--Walked outside today and noticed something was different. Couldn't put my finger on it. Than I realized it--the blasted sun was out! I loathe spring.

*hugs, hugs, hugs* I love you for this line! You sound just like me. I cannot stand the sun or heat or too much warmth of any kind. I know we need the sun to survive, but some days it's just so damn bright I end up shrieking and writhing around outside like a vampire in its death throes.


Okay, so I don't actually writhe. But I wiggle a lot and I pretend that the sun is scorching my tender flesh. That counts right?

I know you think I'm a freak now! Admit it. Admit it! ^_^

*is happy* Another who hates the sun! Agreed; the sun is necessary for survival, but the heat and light and all that other gross stuff is bothersome. ...sigh. I like cold grey days. People think I am odd for wearing long sleeves at all times of the year...but the sun is a beast: it tries to tan me.

*bethy whips out dictionary*
zephyros-the west wind
that was the only way they would spell it !!

i'm so glad there is someones else who loves christian bale as much as i do!!!

Oh Peh! I suppose zephyrous doesn't exist! Woe. Thank you anyway. :D

And yay! Christian Bale fans UNITE!

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