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Quite hoppety actually. And admitting to problems.

--Thank you to those who suggested to books to me. I've narrowed my choices down to 3 (two of which are were not suggested by anyone here). I suppose I will wait (as I have quite a long time until my gist card expires) to decide because knowing myself, I will change my mind several times. I am interested in:

1. A Density of Souls, by Christopher Rice (thank you, rinkori)
2. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel
3. Oxygen, by Andrew Miller

I can afford two. I will wait and see what else comes up in later months.

--Finally set up a basic outline (around 1000 words) for #2 of the three main fics which I have been pondering over for a while. I thought I had given up on this one, but suddenly, I had something. Now comes the long part: actually writing it. This is difficult when two (three if the first one counts) others are popping in an out of my head.

I believe what causes me such a while to actually write something rather than thinking about it (or making entries about it) is that I jump around from fic to fic without letting the words come out in one sitting. Main fics (in order of current excitement):

1. A post-Voldemort Harry/Snape, which is currently untitled.
2. A post-Voldemort Harry/Draco currently with a pending title.
3. A very, very pre-Voldemort James/Draco currently titled More than a Gallie

I don't need help or time! I need patience!
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