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Books, books, and books.

--I have many books that I have never read (or even cracked open); some are from Christmases and birthdays, but I never seem to have time to read one before I receive two more. When I am aged and decrepit, I know I'll have something to do with myself (though I do wish I could drag myself away from reading fics long enough to read something that is NOT Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings).

News! I have received (from some lovely person) a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Isn't that great? I think so. The trouble? I don't know what to buy! I needn't buy anything, but I want to buy something before the time limit runs out because there is no use in wasting a gift card from a nice person. Which brings me to my question...

Any suggestions? What is your favorite book?

Been searching online for a while. Nothing seems to interest me. I wish to be interested.

--Have four separate photography essays to complete in two weeks. Not so bad considering the new lappie came with a nifty photo-editing program, so that I needn't rely on others for Photoshop. (Been spending time just manipulating pictures of Harry Potter characters for reasons of boredom and practice.) I do hope I don't waste the weekend again lingering around LJ.
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