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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Severus Snape--you're mine at last!

The sky is rumbling. It is either hungry or the thunder has come out to play. Thunder is nice. I like nice. Therefore, I like thunder.


I have good news and bad news.

The good news:

I've suddenly come up with the fic of my dreams. I blame this news on hydaspes for yesterday--I think it was yesterday--she made an entry about her Snarry. Also, my love of the day is hydaspes because she caused me to think about the Snape/Harry that I have been wanting to do for so long. (There are not enough Snape/Harry's in the world....) If she had not written of her own Snarry stuff, I might've gone and made this Harry/Draco...but I had Snape at the back of my mind! and realize now that it will flow easier and be more realistic if it is Snape/Harry. I am eager to get started, but that brings me to--

The bad news:

I absolutely refuse to begin another fic until I have finished my first. And that is that. Self-discipline. Too bad for me. It'll do me well. Yep. Unfortunately, I am more excited of writing this new Harry/Snape than I am any Harry/Draco I have ever pondered for the briefest moment of writing. I am writhing in sorrow. I wish to begin, but--SELF DISCIPLINE.

The one problem for the fic is, as always, the ending. Of course, I have only thUnk it up today; perhaps the final moments will come to me in the days before I begin.

This is actually great motivation for getting me to update blasted HWC. I am thankful. I am happy. I am going to eat dinner.

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>:O!!!!!1 Who gives a rat's behind if you're not finished with another fic? Purposely ignoring a plot bunny like this will result in said bunny gnawing off your leg in retaliation, you know. START IT. And work on the H/D as well. >:D<

Oi! Trying to gnaw away two of my legs with one set of jaws, eh? Want me to write more than one story at once, eh? Want me to confuse myself, eh? Some friend you are! :D

...Hmph. Actually! I was just about to start it anyway. Shows how strong a person I am, mm? Well then...onward! *uplifting music begins to play*

I'll be gnawing at more than your legs if you don't get crackin'!

Ihatefaithinyou, o'strongwilledone! *weeps* If I can have as many stupid ficlets going as I do, you can handle TWO measly ficcies!! *pokes repeatedly* I am your fangirling cheerleader. But I do not sing, or cheer, or dance on command, or wear a skirt, unless it is pleather or vinyl. Take what you can and run with it.

Well I NEVER! ...I suppose you're right. I will get "crackin'" as you so poetically put it--right about now.

Oh, and I like my fangirly cheerleaders rolled in chocolate sprinkles thanks!

Chocolate sprinkles can be arranged . . . now, what are your thoughts on whipped cream and nekkid slashy boys?

Meep. I like whipped cream just fine...on desserts and Tom Felton's neck.

Oh god, the neck. *pervs hardcore*

Oh yes. Would give my left leg to gaze upon its sweet milkiness...to stroke it with care...to press my body--*cough* None of that this time of night! *slaps self*

I think we were separated at perving birth, yo.

. . . LI'L SIS!! *clings* (Or big sis? Hmm >.>;)

*checks Psycho's profile*

Big sis, catch me! *flings*

Reunited by the neck of a sex-toy Slytherin.

YOU'RE KIDDING ME, I'M OLDER THAN YOU?! :O Good heavens! By how much? O_o; *tosses you over shoulder and carries you piggy-back to Hogwarts to pick up the goods err, the uh, um . . . runs away* >:D

Well, I was never one for math but I--*counting*--believe you're older by roughly five years. ...By George! You could be locked up for discussing under-aged necks with a minor!


Yur write! I iz two yung!1!

In the meantime...I'll focus on more age-appropriate things like wands and broomsticks. Yep.

*snickers sadistically* You're my li'l sis, alright. Phallic symbols, indeed. *cough*

*wipes forehead*

I saw my name (well, online one) and immediately thought I had done something bad.

But Snarry is good. And I am pleased you have embraced it.

And I cannot agree more with the wanting to finish a current fic first. That's what my heart wants to do, but my brain is trying to lead me astray. (And I really haven't started writing my Snarry yet, but it's all in there *points to head*).

In trouble? No! More like tossed onto my shoulders and excitedly spun around. You made me THINK. --Well, you made sure that I thought about something good, at least.

And mounds of good luck to you for finishing your first fic! I...peh...I hope we both succeed. *weeps*

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