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Severus Snape--you're mine at last!

The sky is rumbling. It is either hungry or the thunder has come out to play. Thunder is nice. I like nice. Therefore, I like thunder.


I have good news and bad news.

The good news:

I've suddenly come up with the fic of my dreams. I blame this news on hydaspes for yesterday--I think it was yesterday--she made an entry about her Snarry. Also, my love of the day is hydaspes because she caused me to think about the Snape/Harry that I have been wanting to do for so long. (There are not enough Snape/Harry's in the world....) If she had not written of her own Snarry stuff, I might've gone and made this Harry/Draco...but I had Snape at the back of my mind! and realize now that it will flow easier and be more realistic if it is Snape/Harry. I am eager to get started, but that brings me to--

The bad news:

I absolutely refuse to begin another fic until I have finished my first. And that is that. Self-discipline. Too bad for me. It'll do me well. Yep. Unfortunately, I am more excited of writing this new Harry/Snape than I am any Harry/Draco I have ever pondered for the briefest moment of writing. I am writhing in sorrow. I wish to begin, but--SELF DISCIPLINE.

The one problem for the fic is, as always, the ending. Of course, I have only thUnk it up today; perhaps the final moments will come to me in the days before I begin.

This is actually great motivation for getting me to update blasted HWC. I am thankful. I am happy. I am going to eat dinner.
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