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--Because simmysim wishes for this to be spread like wildflowers and disease.... And you should steal it also. Because it would make Simmy happy.

I've numbered them, etc. because I am obsessed with Internet tidiness.

1. Out of the fics that you've written...
which is your favorite? that is not posted yet, which has to do with TOP SECRET THINGS. It is called TOP SECRET FIC JR.

2. Did it get the feedback you were hoping for?
No, because no one has ever seen it.

3. Which do you hate the most?
Of mine? Summertime Singularity, because it's a dirty, dirty whore.

4. Did it get the feedback you were expecting?
Feck no. Twice as much. Which makes me hate it even more.

5. Which was done the fastest? (in proportion with it's length, of course)
Er...of the two above? Or of all? If out of all...Hidden Within Confusion.

6. Which took the longest? (same)
Hidden Within Confusion

7. Which were you closet to abandoning?
Which were I? I'm a day or so away from chucking S.S. into the trash heap.

8. Out of the fics still in progress...
do you update regularly?

Not regularly. But I update.

9. If not, are you trying to?
Yes, of course.

10. Are you just kidding yourself, and that fic is going to be lost forever in fic limbo, and you might as well take it down, except you like crushing the hearts of hopeful readers?
Do not understand the question.

11. Do you know how it's going to end? really?
Er...yep. Sure do.

12. Did you have the ending in mind from the beginning?
A vague one. But it has certainly changed since.

13. Out of your completed works...
how often do you get feedback?

Rarely. Because my only complete work is on my LJ.

14. How often is it more than "OMG THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!"
Depends on the story. SS: about half the time. HWC: Not quite often.

15. Just in general...
which character do you find easiest to write?

OH peh! Because it is easiest to fumble through the books and find ideas for his reactions.

16. Which characters do you like writing the most?
Snape. When I'm in a good mood, Snape is fun.

17. Which characters do you purposefully avoid writing?
Ginny. She is in very little of the books. I don't know who the hell she is.

18. Which characters do you have to strangle before they do what you want them to do?
Harry and Draco. They belong together (:D), but it is quite difficult to GET them together.

19. Are you very good at writing endings?
Writing them? I think I'm average. Now thinking them up...that's another story

*snickers* How...amusing, Simmy.

--How many days until OotP? Sigh.... A lot, I think.

--The Crush Trilogy, by Zahra was amazing. Had me leaning forward in my seat (well, bed really, for that is where I sit). An outstanding style of writing. And here is one of many wonderful pieces:

"You've been staring at me for the last quarter hour because I've got strawberry preserve on my mouth?" Draco replied, his voice rather dry. Harry thought that if he looked up 'droll' in the dictionary Malfoy's photograph would be there – with his left eyebrow arched. "Would you'd care to get rid of it for me, Potter? Lick it off, perhaps?"

In Harry's mind, crushes were not supposed to have good ideas. Harry had never licked one of his crushes in his life. That was no reason not to start. When Harry leaned over and licked the corner of Malfoy's mouth he wasn't expecting it to taste of anything other than jam. Unfortunately Malfoy also tasted of cinnamon and dirt and Lemon Zingers. Harry happened to really like Lemon Zingers. So when his tongue was back where it belonged, and Malfoy had put his eyes back in his head and stopped clutching at his chair in apoplectic shock, Harry stood up and prepared to leave. Possibly to procure some Lemon Zingers.

If I had time, I would certainly run and read it again.

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