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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Am in one of those silly moods that I will be embarrassed about later.

Been Watching CoS

--The scene in which Harry arrives at the Weasey's...they're at breakfast...they receive their Hogwarts letters...Percy fetches them from the owl...then he leans over the table and the thin material of the pajamas he is wearing let's me see the outline of his bottom if I look closely enough. I am not a Weasley lover. But I am now an official member of the Percival Weasley's Bottom is Pleasureful Club.

--I am steadily growing more attracted to Tom Felton's milky, milky neck, and less attracted to Daniel Radcliffe's acting skills.

--I need to know why I have never seen this picture before!

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Yes, Tom Felton has a lovely neck. He also has a lovely ass and a lovely everything else.

*mind heads straight into the gutter*

Ah, the gutter. Well, I've certainly been lying here for hours, surrounded by my own drool. It'd be a lovely way to die. :D

i need to friend you. *friends you*

Percy has a bum? I noticed (and loved) his morning hair, but now I shall have to check his bottom out too.

*eyes Snape picture nervously*

Tom Felton has a nice neck. And hair. And face. And body. And voice. And is in fact, everything.

*prods* Danny Radcliffe good actor. Good actor. Good looking....*dreamy look* NO! WILL....NOT....SUBMIT!

Hm, Percy's Bottom. Will have to look at that...

er...*wants to know whether the Snape picture is coming up blank on your screen, too* It was not like that yesterday! Hmph.

Ah, Eclipse's Radcliffe saga.... Will she ever recover? Will she always be attracted to little boys with whimsical blue eyes (that should be green!) and dreamy faces and nicely shaped bottoms...damn. I've been sucked in.

No, I saw a very large picture of Snape wearing bat robes.

I'm sure I'll recover soon. I'm SURE OF IT! I AM NOT SUCKED IT! *cries*

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