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Oh, woe is a floppy, and a far-off Speckly Man!

--Am very thankful to those who gave opinions on the matter of my last post (which had to do with my wiping away the existence of a fic). I do believe I have come to a final decision, but will be sleeping on it just to be sure. Your posts were most thoughtful and helpful, and several differed from some thoughts of my own, which is a PLUS.

And hello! to candytaiyo, who has just friended me, and was a help on the matter, too.

--Sent Service Boy (aka Tall, Freckly Guy next door) to buy me dinner. Am very hungry for unhealthy things and to simply relax and watch a good movie. In the meantime, I will read. Today I read this: The Last Dance, by Sushi. I became aware of it by grizelda. Now I am in love with her for the day.

Am now going to read part one of The Crush Trilogy, which sounds very interesting, indeed. Parts two and three will come after my greasy fast food and snuggly one-person sleepover.

--My James/Draco fic! Lost! Cannot find it! My sweet darling! When I was rid of the Old Lappie, I was sure to send it to myself through e-mail AND save it to floppy disk so that I could stick it onto the New Lappie later. The email is GONE. Cannot find the god damned floppy! Am quite unhappy. I will search later. Cannot be bothered. Am hungry.

Edit: If you plan on reading the fic I mentioned above (The Last Dance), I reccomend having my Current Music song handy for when it is mentioned. If you don't own it, you should download it; it really makes the fic all the more magical!

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