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Feeling like a dirty, dirty hippogriff. Under a rock. In a vat of grandma's snot.

I don't like emotion. There. I really don't. Not from me. (In addition, I don't like sentence fragments. But that's another subject....) Which is why my "emotional outbursts" are seemingly scarce.

So, I don't like to post emotional rants.

I don't consider THIS one, as I have thought it over for a while.

Should I post this? Should I be asking for advice? Or keeping it to myself? I admit that I've been contemplating what I am about to write for weeks. There. Admitted it to myself. And I do have a couple of Private Posts that concern the same thing. But I never had the courage to make them public.

Why? (Because I'm not a Gryffindor?) Because I am frightened of appearing weak. Or frightened of appearing dependant on the opinions of others.

So. At last. Here goes something. And it may sound petty. Or self-centered. Because it does involve my own fan fiction, and I know some people (including myself) tend to not care about fan fiction woes of others unless it concerns the actual plot, or grammar, or something else associated with those. So do not read on, please, unless you plan to comment. Any length you wish! A mere yes or no if you wish. Even a "Suck it up, you lowly-low! We've got our own shit to handle!" would be lovely.

Frankly, I would like to ask a question.

And here it is:

Do you think it is wrong to pull a fic from existence after people have shown interest in it?

I am undecided.

On one hand, it's my own fucking work, so I should be entitled to do whatever I want to/with it.

On the other, how would I feel if some random author decided to pull his work, for whatever reason, if I'd shown even the slightest happiness of its being?

It doesn't matter which fic I wish to smite (for I have only two posted anywhere but my LJ); the basic, general question matters. And my rant on MY feelings on the question does not particularly matter, because it always comes back to the same place. I suppose I wish for something or someone new to help spark my final decision.

Desperate for thoughts from other minds,


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