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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Feeling like a dirty, dirty hippogriff. Under a rock. In a vat of grandma's snot.

I don't like emotion. There. I really don't. Not from me. (In addition, I don't like sentence fragments. But that's another subject....) Which is why my "emotional outbursts" are seemingly scarce.

So, I don't like to post emotional rants.

I don't consider THIS one, as I have thought it over for a while.

Should I post this? Should I be asking for advice? Or keeping it to myself? I admit that I've been contemplating what I am about to write for weeks. There. Admitted it to myself. And I do have a couple of Private Posts that concern the same thing. But I never had the courage to make them public.

Why? (Because I'm not a Gryffindor?) Because I am frightened of appearing weak. Or frightened of appearing dependant on the opinions of others.

So. At last. Here goes something. And it may sound petty. Or self-centered. Because it does involve my own fan fiction, and I know some people (including myself) tend to not care about fan fiction woes of others unless it concerns the actual plot, or grammar, or something else associated with those. So do not read on, please, unless you plan to comment. Any length you wish! A mere yes or no if you wish. Even a "Suck it up, you lowly-low! We've got our own shit to handle!" would be lovely.

Frankly, I would like to ask a question.

And here it is:

Do you think it is wrong to pull a fic from existence after people have shown interest in it?

I am undecided.

On one hand, it's my own fucking work, so I should be entitled to do whatever I want to/with it.

On the other, how would I feel if some random author decided to pull his work, for whatever reason, if I'd shown even the slightest happiness of its being?

It doesn't matter which fic I wish to smite (for I have only two posted anywhere but my LJ); the basic, general question matters. And my rant on MY feelings on the question does not particularly matter, because it always comes back to the same place. I suppose I wish for something or someone new to help spark my final decision.

Desperate for thoughts from other minds,


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No. You are obligated to no one but yourself. You're right...it is yours. And if you want to erase all existence of it for whatever reason, you have the right to do so.

Nor do we have the right to be personally offended if one of our favorite author's decides to pull one of their fics that you happen to like. Take what you've been given as a gift...we can ask no more. They are not obligated to us just like you aren't obligated to them.


do what you will ... but i will be a sad camper. ;_; *has a feeling about what fic will soon be obviated*

Do you have the right?

Of course you do. It's your work.

But you may want to ask yourself a different question: why do it?

There are many reasons to pull a story.

My story was plagiarized, and I no longer trust the venue in which it is posted.

Sounds legit. Actually, since plagiarists seek out stories that are obscure, and so stand a chance of not being recognized, the best thing to do to prevent plagiarism is to post your story everywhere.

I find that halfway through this WIP, I've changed, and my vision of the story has drastically changed. I want to start over.

This is a very good reason. Be honest with yourself though. Are you really going to do it? If so, give yourself a deadline. I don't recommend this, because having a story posted often prompts you to complete it. Pulling it almost always put the story in the trash heap. Even for an incomplete WIP, that's a shame, and a waste of all your effort.

I think this story sucks. My writing in it sucks, and it's not what I want to put my name on.

Usually the people whose writing really does suck don't think this way. So there's a good chance it's not true, and you're just being too hard on yourself. I'll tell you that I've written 25 stories in the last few months, and I'm only completely happy with one of them. I'm typical as authors go. Shakespeare scoffed at his plays. Sometimes you have to turn your work loose, and let the readers be the judge. What you abhore, another reader will love. I think it's best to give the readers a chance.

Pulling a story will disappoint your fans and reviewers of course. Pulling a fic is a statement that says 'I am no longer committed to this story.'

Yes, most people pull stories because they want to improve them, but that very rarely happens. The authors who tell themselves this are kidding themselves, generally.

~ Icarus

You're the author. You have no obligation to anyone but yourself.

I suppose it's possible that your screaming fangirls will begin screaming for other reasons, and that you'll get disappointed or even angry email. You may lose a few 'loyal readers'. If that's going to bother you, you do have to take it into account. But really, unless you've sold the rights to somebody else (and depending on which rights, maybe not even then...) the story belongs to you, to do with what you will.

i think that you should do whatever you really want to do...no one can tell you any different...just do what you feel is right, no matter what anyone else thinks!!

Honestly, I don't think you should take the fic out of... well, out of public viewing. Especially if it's gotten interest from others. I, myself, have only ever removed one fic from ff.net, but that was because after something like a week or so, there was no interest at all whatsoever. *shrug*

Leave the story up, I say. Share your gift with the world. And you know you've got a gift. So keep sharing it.

But no matter what I or anyone else says, remember this. Follow your heart. If your heart is telling you to take it down, do it. If your heart is saying to give it a chance, do it. Listen to your heart. That is the only thing that should lead you... And it's the best thing to follow.

And no matter what... We all love you. So there. *wink*

There's probably no need to pull a story after it's done and finished. Why not just leave it there? If it's a WIP, I'd understand since you might not want to continue and would like just getting rid of it all together. But a one shot or completed fic can stay up long after the author forgets about it, and new people can read it and then read your other fics maybe. Even if you don't like it anymore, that doesn't mean others won't. If I ever wrote a fic that people liked I'd just leave it up as a part of my fandom past.

But, then again, it is yours to do with as you wish. This is just what I'd do in your place. Feel free to not listen to me and good luck on your decision. ^_~

- Candy

Do you think it is wrong to pull a fic from existence after people have shown interest in it?

I am undecided.

On one hand, it's my own fucking work, so I should be entitled to do whatever I want to/with it.

Am facing exactly this problem myself - I'm about to pull my WiP. But I must say I don't have too much of a bad conscience about it. I'm displeased with everything except the first chapter, and I've been thinking that maybe I should leave the first ch up and rework the rest.

I've written loads of things that are crappier than this fic, but I've spent so much time and thought on this one, and I don't want to post it unless it's good.

Also, I had originally planned to finish the fic before OotP was published. Now I know that is not going to happen; not a chance in hell. And I'm afraid my story just won't make sense after Book 5. What's the point of writing about Draco Malfoy if he is killed in Book 5?

Generally though: Fics are the property of their authors. If you want to pull it, pull it, even if you disappoint your readers.

- - -

And welcome to my Friends list! :) Are you Swedish? I realise you don't live in Sweden, but your name...?

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