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Yes, I happen to be Severus Snape, Potions master extraordinaire

Most probably, this is my longest entry yet, for I, being down in the dumps, wish to simply type, type, type until my shitty mood is blown away. And since I don't approve of typing only of myself (though this is MY journal, but I have a private paper journal for that sort of thing), I will vary my topics and lj-cut this for every poor soul who has the...pleasure...of reading it.

For starters, why on earth is that Corner Hermit all pissy?

--Waking up to oily skin and greasy black hair (just call me Snape) several hours to early, I decided to pass the time by picking through my Fic Notebook, which courteously decided to break today. Papers strewn about! No more Fic Note book.

--Grumpy, I went out with my greasy black hair (it's those Potions fumes I tell you!) for the day to take some lovely exams during which I stared and inwardly smiled at thoughts of the fic that I had read this morning. I am rarely in the mood to socialize in Real Life; I spent breaks between exams standing in a stall of the Lower Lobby bathroom, staring at the white walls, teetering on my toes, pretending to be happy to be alone, and listening to the noise of passersby. Why no one likes the Lower Lobby bathroom, I'll never know. Happily though, I the white walls plot-bunnied me.

--Coming home for the afternoon, I closed my bedroom door, looked at my bed and saw stacks of books that tent to swell behind my door(from lack of shelving space), glanced in the mirror and saw in the reflection a startling, white--DOOR. My door is not white. My door is NOT startling. But when I turned around, there was a new (or rather, a used, but new-to-me) door. Turns out, the parents had a lovely argument during which my father broke my door (by hitting it and making a hole I presume). What wrong with a new door? My old door had mural on it that I painted when I was thirteen. It was not specially beautiful, but it was my first god-damned mural and one of those sentimental things like lockets and diaries and photographs and drawings from Kindergarten. And now it is in a dumpster. Because my parents cannot control their tempers.

--I slept for three hours because that is what I do when I am sad. I sleep. Makes everything go away. I woke up to have dinner and coffee, in which case I found there was no sugar. I used brown sugar. No first class coffee. But coffee just the same. The chicken was awful, but I found a nice wishbone. I think it was a wishbone. Nearly smiling, I picked it up, wiped the excess meat and oils off, and whispered "This side means tomorrow will be a good day. This side means that Harry and Draco will one day fall in love." I snapped it in two. Harry and Draco won. I don't know whether that is a good thing or bad.

--Not a tragic day compared to some. But I am decidedly sad compared to my usual indifference. Have not spoken much.


--As a result of that long nap, I will sit up to watch the replay of this weeks Queer As Folk because I am in no mood to write fluff, which is what I do predominantly write. Until then, I will couch-potato around (or computer-chair around) and read. I'm very much in a Harry/Snape mood today.

--This morning, by way of a past recommendation of sympathetic_ink's journal, I read this Harry/Snape gem, Rite of Passage, by Rushlight. There are no words to describe how wonderfully creative it is, how well-written it is, and how In Character Harry and Snape seem to be. I've been thinking of it all day and now that I am home to read it again, I do not really feel like that. But I will eventually.

--I want to watch my most favorite movie of all Disney movies (starring my favorite actor Christian Bale), Newsies. katiethewriter's Disney rant put me the the singing and dancing, "Newsies" state of mind, and though my body very well wants to smack that happy-happy-ness away, it makes me smile just a bit. So thank you for unknowingly reminding me of that, Katie.

--A few Harry/Draco stories, which I either like or especially like, that most of my friends list probably knows of anyway:

Especially Like: A Beautiful World, by Cinnamon.
Like: Veela Magic, by Lasair.

And because I feel like going back to one of the first fics I read--Ever...

Especially Like: Raincoat!Draco</b>, by Rhysenn.


--psychobarfly (and one other, who is seemingly not at LJ) is very nice for beta'ing the fic that I posted recently here. I have neglected to read over the new copy send to me from my tiredness and sadness. I will do that very very soon because ignoring one's first completed fic and the work of a beta is unpleasant.

--nightshade24 is very nice for coming to my defense a few days ago on this Nraged board. Though I have lost interest in Nocturne_Alley and That may or may not be due to me mood.

--My cat is very nice for stalking me. I turn around--there he is! So loving a creature.

--Hal Sparks of Queer as Folk was on Jeopardy last night. Hal sparks seems like a very nice person.

--Why aren't more people very nice people? Is it a trend to be not very nice? I don't like this trend.


Not nearly as long as I originally thought it would be. Good day to anyone out there.

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