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--Been folowing the nocturne_alley soap opera for quite a long while. I'm slightly confused--how many people hav gone missing? Where is Remus? Where is Harry? Where is Sirius? I should get back to Real Life.... I'm very eager to hear from just_harry and potterstinks on, well...everything.

--It's Queer as Folk night. Am very eager, as it is the only time during the week that I watch TV. Though instead of writing of it, I should be writing a very important report and memorizing very important line and editing a not quite as important fic.

--Thank you to those who left feedback for The Outing. And yay! for Katie seemed to like her fic very much!

--Almost forgot! I recall someone (though I cannot recall WHICH someone) on my friends list asking about Liliah Morgan's fics a while back. If that someone also recalls--did you find where she keeps her stories yet? I just found an old message in my inbox with a link to her yahoo group. Lucky I am one of those who saves every little thing. I hope this helps if the help is still needed.

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