Natt (nattish) wrote,

Today's Goals

I'm so tired of feeling useless. Last week, beyond babysitting the nephew and general kitchen maintenance, I only managed to harvest, juice, and candy oranges; finish the stinking baby registry; and nap and nap and nap. I don't work right now, so this is pitiful. It's time to get proactive!

Since I can't seem to wrap my mind around any task -- and thank you to those who directed me towards researching why that might be -- I figured I'd make a goal list. I'm sharing it with you guys because I'm fascinated by other people's To Do Lists, so I figured someone else might be, too.


Write an outline for my new fic
Finish packing for the move to Space Marine's
Pay some bills
Cook dinner (seriously, even this task boggles me)

This week:

Finish 3k of fic, based on outline
Write new novel outline in grave detail
Take car to shop
Dr's appt.
Choose paint for new bedroom (am I strange for being so excited about not having to share a bedroom with my honey? I love him, but I need a quiet place to write, damn it!)
Start jogging again (a cold snap killed this habit. Also: being lazy)

Welp, that's it. Not much to it, but nothing would happen otherwise. :D
Tags: real life

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