Natt (nattish) wrote,

REC: He Who Must Not Be Normal

I did a horrid job keeping up with ALL fests this holiday season, just all of them. Even the ones I was involved in. That said, I wandered into hd_erised today, and I'm so glad I chose to click this:

He Who Must Not Be Normal (H/D, NC-17) by anon

I'm not going to gush. I'm sure everyone else is reccing it all over, and I pretty much spewed at the still-anonymous author, but I will say this: 40k never flew by so fast. Also, it's a thoughtful, authentic piece of writing from an author who clearly gives a strong shit about character development. And Harry's a little creepy. Read if you have time to do anything! :)

Okay, now I'll get back to failing at fandom.
Tags: recs, recs: angst, recs: switching
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