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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Pusheen mad/crazy

Accomplishing nothing. And something.

I'm having one of those months where I feel like I have no time at all, the days pass instantly, I'm somehow very stressed, but when I look at time over my shoulder I realize I've accomplished next to nothing -- not RL obligations, not RL writing, not fic, not even cleaning the flipping house. What gives?

Must be the baby crap. Both of our families are fairly obsessed with what's hanging out in my belly; meanwhile, I just want to get back to being the recluse who's probably off writing somewhere. I knew what I was getting into, but it's another animal first hand! In other news, it's a witch.

The plot bunnies keep multiplying. I'm up to 10 untouched fic bunnies, three or four in limbo, and the greatest realization ever. I've been having trouble with my original writing because I was under the impression that I'm simply balls at writing if it's not in the Harry Potter world. Not so. But I do have strong leanings towards magical worlds! When I came to that conclusion, my brains were flooded with plot bunnies for novels and I invented a world of magical beings in an instant and talked Space Marine's ear off about it for a long while. Here's to my write-a-novel-before-the-baby-is-born deadline.


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It is the baby. Specifically it is a thing called mommy brain. (They have done science proving this shit. Last half pregnancy plus like first 3-6mos, moms and dads brains rewire permanently. You lose short-term memory connectors in favor of baby-related what-if planning connectors.)

Take as much advantage of grandparents as possible. I know it is obnoxious now, but they are a source of babysitting, sleep, and showers.

That sounds horrifying! I will read and read about it.

I will take advantage. I'm not a terribly gushy person (except, it seems, when it comes to really good romance fanfic?), so I will have to grow a lot of patience in the coming months. I know they mean well and will prove to be very helpful.


Patience is hard and I am always struggling with my own impatient, hermitty ways.

You can do this! *pompoms*

Alas, I have no words of comfort but offer hugs. *hugs* But a witch! Sweet! <333

Hugs are more than enough! :)))

congrats on the witch!

I wish you the best with mommy brain. I hope it's not too bothersome for you.

Interesting! And thank you. :D

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