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Long shot:

Anyone going to Yaoi Con in San Francisco this year?

Anyone been to it previously? Thinking about going?

I only occasionally dabble in the stuff, but given the titillating subject-matter I considered giving it a go. Would be nice if I knew someone there!

Anatomical Natt

A New Thing Happened

Wrote a behemoth of an update describing my birthing experience, but then I gave it the squinty-eye and decided no one would care to read such a horrendous thing. Here’s the summary!

Month early, fast labor -- 1.5 hours omg -- no drugs, sad-face, whoops breech, cesarean, long recovery, sad, sad, healthy baby girl, home safe, hooray, can’t sleep.

I guess that last one isn’t unusual for the new parent.

Anyway, thank you for the well wishes, the birthday wishes, and the general keeping-in-touch. Miss you guys. Looking forward to scouring all the corners for new fic (new for me is anything written in the past 4 months, hint, hint, if you have obvious recs) and writing, and just plain getting back to normal. Or whatever normal will be from now on.

Anatomical Natt

FIC: Love Done Wrong

Love Done Wrong
by nattish

Pairing(s): Harry/Ron, Ron/Draco
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Draco Malfoy is a prick, and not just because he's dating the man Harry loves. (~5,060 words)
Notes: This was for hrholidays, a wonderful fest put on by kedavranox! Thanks goes to capitu for being a thorough and swift pre-reader. <3

Anatomical Natt

Today's Goals

I'm so tired of feeling useless. Last week, beyond babysitting the nephew and general kitchen maintenance, I only managed to harvest, juice, and candy oranges; finish the stinking baby registry; and nap and nap and nap. I don't work right now, so this is pitiful. It's time to get proactive!

Since I can't seem to wrap my mind around any task -- and thank you to those who directed me towards researching why that might be -- I figured I'd make a goal list. I'm sharing it with you guys because I'm fascinated by other people's To Do Lists, so I figured someone else might be, too.


Write an outline for my new fic
Finish packing for the move to Space Marine's
Pay some bills
Cook dinner (seriously, even this task boggles me)

This week:

Finish 3k of fic, based on outline
Write new novel outline in grave detail
Take car to shop
Dr's appt.
Choose paint for new bedroom (am I strange for being so excited about not having to share a bedroom with my honey? I love him, but I need a quiet place to write, damn it!)
Start jogging again (a cold snap killed this habit. Also: being lazy)

Welp, that's it. Not much to it, but nothing would happen otherwise. :D

Anatomical Natt

REC: He Who Must Not Be Normal

I did a horrid job keeping up with ALL fests this holiday season, just all of them. Even the ones I was involved in. That said, I wandered into hd_erised today, and I'm so glad I chose to click this:

He Who Must Not Be Normal (H/D, NC-17) by anon

I'm not going to gush. I'm sure everyone else is reccing it all over, and I pretty much spewed at the still-anonymous author, but I will say this: 40k never flew by so fast. Also, it's a thoughtful, authentic piece of writing from an author who clearly gives a strong shit about character development. And Harry's a little creepy. Read if you have time to do anything! :)

Okay, now I'll get back to failing at fandom.

Pusheen mad/crazy

Beta? Pre-reader? Life-saver?

Is anyone possibly available to pre-read a (5k) story in a super quick fashion? Like by Christmas Eve super quick? I would owe you a POUND or so of FLESH. O_O

EDIT: The flesh is spoken for. Wheeeeee! <3

Anatomical Natt

REC: The Grotto

hd_erised is posting, and I'm going to cut to the chase:

Drop everything and read The Grotto. (NC-17, 24k) Three years after Draco’s war crimes trial, the Wizengamot finally decides on his community sentence: help rebuild a village that was destroyed in the war. It sounds simple enough. Until Draco begins to unravel the mystery behind the assignment.

It's not just satisfying Harry/Draco romance. It's an adventure in storytelling. And I'm still smiling!

Pusheen mad/crazy

Accomplishing nothing. And something.

I'm having one of those months where I feel like I have no time at all, the days pass instantly, I'm somehow very stressed, but when I look at time over my shoulder I realize I've accomplished next to nothing -- not RL obligations, not RL writing, not fic, not even cleaning the flipping house. What gives?

Must be the baby crap. Both of our families are fairly obsessed with what's hanging out in my belly; meanwhile, I just want to get back to being the recluse who's probably off writing somewhere. I knew what I was getting into, but it's another animal first hand! In other news, it's a witch.

The plot bunnies keep multiplying. I'm up to 10 untouched fic bunnies, three or four in limbo, and the greatest realization ever. I've been having trouble with my original writing because I was under the impression that I'm simply balls at writing if it's not in the Harry Potter world. Not so. But I do have strong leanings towards magical worlds! When I came to that conclusion, my brains were flooded with plot bunnies for novels and I invented a world of magical beings in an instant and talked Space Marine's ear off about it for a long while. Here's to my write-a-novel-before-the-baby-is-born deadline.


Snape-Harry gen


Beltane Snarry
Art by sealcat

Pusheen Pizza

(no subject)

Persian Daniel Radcliffe just delivered my pizza. He seemed as delicious as the pepperoni scent wafting off him.

And I answered the door in sweats, with day-old mascara bags under my eyes. Not like I would have tried to make a porn cliche out of it otherwise, but still! Maybe I want Persian Daniel Radcliffe to swoon at me, too? Ever think of that?! *stuffs pizza into face*


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