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Wasting Time.

Stolen from everyone.

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Subject: Professor Lupin returning to Hogwarts.

If this were to happen in the actual books, which will likely not, I would leap for joy. I give a little whoop when he shows up in fics; however, he does show up often enough that I find it wearisome (at least when his presence shows no plot significance). What are your feelings (whether within fic or books)?

[a] I like him to return!
[b] No, bitch, he already taught.
[c] Doesn’t matter to me either way.
[d] I prefer to write out my own answers, thank you very much. And I will go do just that....

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a & d - I would like him to return as long as he doesn't start going to Snape to lift his spirits from losing Padfoot. Cause I swear if there's Snape/Lupin action, I will die.

You don't enjoy Snape/Lupin? It's so very scrumptious. *licks fingers*

Funny enough, I actually wrote a Lupin/Sev -- I just think of Sev as a forbidden fruit.. while I want to make Harry fuck everyone. I'm so mean to these characters. >P

Heh. Indeed, Harry should fuck everyone. Male, that is. Little slut. *thinks unwholesome thoughts*

[a] - because Lupin kicks ass

I choose (d). The reason I don't like Lupin to return is because he resigned of his own free will for the simple reason that he is a werewolf and that people wouldn't approve of him teaching. He felt that he was (or could be) a danger to the pupils there. None of the reasons for his resignation have changed and therefore, I really don't think that it is fesiably possible for him to return to Hogwarts. It just stinks to me of people going "Lupin love!" and just wanting him back.

Sorry, did that get a bit bitchy then? ^_^

Nah. An opinion's an opinion.

I agree with you; he resigned on his own free will. And though I am always fond of the thought of Dumbledore asking him back for whatever reason, rather than him applying again, it disrupts the flow of the books, really...there's always been a new Defense teacher. Eh. I like Lupin--but, the flow must go, yo.

Yes, but an opinion can get bitchy! (I try very hard not to get bitchy!)

Glad to be agreed with! I always like that. ^_^

And I agree. I love the different Dark Arts teachers every year, I'd be so let down if we got someone back! It would just be a "NOOOOOO!" moment! *cuddles the two as-yet-unknown Dark Arts teachers and hopes she isn't cuddling another Umbridge type*

a. if she did it, she'd do it well.

nice outcome there, Natt! *wink* Haha you get kids with greasy hair! *wink*

I'm thinking [a] if he has some kind of reason for being there. Otherwise [b].

No whippersnappers for me, Bucko, even if they are sprung from Snape's glorious seed! I think that's something we have in common, Snape and I, our resentment of children. Babies, at least. As far as I know.

[d] I don't think Lupin should come back. I can tolerate it in fics as a plot device, but I would be terribly upset if JKR did it. Why?


He forgot his Wolfsbane and could have killed or hurt several students. He didn't tell Dumbledore about secret passageways or Animagi forms when he knew (or thought he knew) that Sirius was out to kill Harry. Okay, he might have been a competent teacher, but he was completely careless and irresponsible, and no amount of teaching skill can make up for the fact that he COULD HAVE KILLED STUDENTS.

Sorry, I get a little vehement at all the unjustified Remus coddling. I feel sorry for him too, don't get me wrong, I like him just fine during most of the month. Just, when he forgets to take the potion that prevents him from harming anyone while he's in charge of children, it's criminal, and his resignation is the least he could do.

Interesting. Different from what I expected from anyone.

I agree with some of what you stated; though, I do find it responsible that he resigned, having realized what a silly risk it was to take the job in the first place.

Well, I agree it's good that he resigned, but Snape forced his hand. Remember, he told the Slytherins, counting on their (or at least their parents') sense of self-preservation.

And I think it's funny that that action is frequently fanonically given as evidence of Snape's childish, childhood grudge against Remus specifically and the Marauders in general. I think Snape did the only thing he could to ensure that Lupin would have to leave Hogwarts; Dumbledore didn't do anything the last time Remus nearly killed someone, remember. (If sixth year WAS the last time, which I'll take leave to doubt, but that's beside the point right now.) But the point is that Dumbledore would be more likely to simply caution Lupin to be more careful, reassure him, and allow him to stay. I don't know, really, if Lupin would have resigned without the impetus of Snape's little 'slip'. I would like to think so, as I rather like Lupin, but I don't know.

But that belongs more properly in my Dumbledore rant, not the Lupin one. *takes deep breath* Which I'll spare you. :)

Yeah, I think Snape was justified in forcing Lupin's hand, even if he was doing it mostly in a rage at Remus and Sirius. Lupin *did* forget his damned medication, and *could* have killed them all.

Lupin has a really BAD habit of neglecting things until he's got no choice but to act on them -- his management of his werewolfism is one of the most egregious examples. It's no wonder he drives Snape, who is anything but passive, up the wall.

So, will we get to see both your Dumbledore and your Lupin rants?

So, will we get to see both your Dumbledore and your Lupin rants?

Soon, soon -- they're kind of coalescing into one big essay, actually. "Why Gryffindors Really Piss Me Off," by Severus Snape.

Only, probably less funny than the title suggests ;-)

arrrrg, that reminds me!

can anyone point me toward a resonable explanation of What The Hell Dumbledore Was Thinking In The Fifth Book?!

i honestly don't get it. my thirteen year old cousin tried to explain it to me but i couldn't follow him. i just don't have the mental agility for making sense of dumbledore. that's for people like my coz, who can play chess and go and think ahead and whatnot...

or maybe i should just stick with the instinct that tells that D(oldemort, umblydore) is a Scary, Crazy Old Man. O_O

My favourite explanation comes from A.J. Hall and PanFandom:

5) Did you buy Dumbledore's speech?

About the best explanation I could think of for Dumbledore's actions, motivation and explanations for the same throughout the book was the one which begins, "And after all, no-one has ever seen him and Voldemort in the same room together -"

And then came Chapter 36.

You can take that as a "no", by the way.

It was here.


But probably really cool.

You wouldn't want to crosspost it to snapesupport by any chance, would you?

Mmmm! Yes! Exactly what I would have said, only precisely to the point. ^_^

Lupin... bothers me beyond all reason. I vacillate between loving him madly and wanting to disembowel him. I like to think of him as being extremely... self-absorbed, distant. He has this nice, pleasant, harmless personality that he shows to the world, but inside he's writhing in his own misery. I feel that the disparity between the two emotions partly explains (but does nothing to excuse, of course) his actions in the third book. He was existing in two worlds, and just didn't make the connection that the werewolf-mourning-traitorous-mate reality affected the kindly-professor-sirius-who? reality at all... And so it was possible for him to become confused, to forget.

At the same time, he's a passive aggressive jackass who wouldn't know true responsibility if it bit him on the arse. He's got quite the gift for selective memory, hasn't he? I recently reread PoA, after having read OotP, and actually had to rant and rave and scream my frustration at how horribly Lupin treats Snape. Brushing off the "Snivellus" years as... Snape jealous. UGH!!!

I truly can imagine Lupin *selecting* Snape as a Sirius-replacement and being utterly clueless as to how insulting and insensitive that is.

...And at the same time, I can't hate Lupin because it all makes sense. He's a werewolf. He has to protect himself, think only of himself. He has to actively subvert all the agression in his personality. It's just survival instinct. What really irks me is how it harms other people. Like Snape. ;_;

...At least I feel that JKR is jiving with me on this. Anyone else notice how frigid the relationship between Lupin and Harry is? If Lupin were really as kind and friendly as he acts, one would think that he would be there for Harry a little more. He's almost as qualified as Sirius for the surrogate-parent position, but he does nothing about it, makes absolutely no move other than teaching Harry the Patronus. And Harry, on some level, notices, calls him "Lupin," not "Remus."

But again, I can sympathize with Lupin. He wasn't friends with James the way Sirius was, and heaven knows he has plenty of reasons not to get close to people...

Accursed complicated character. If I think only about Lupin, I pity and love him. If I think about Snape, I hate his guts. ...What's a girl to do?

Anyone else notice how frigid the relationship between Lupin and Harry is?

YES. There's one point in the books where Lupin looks as though he's going to put a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder, and he checks himself. Now, this struck me as strange. Why wouldn't he pat Harry's shoulder? I don't remember the exact point, (although I could really look it up if I wasn't so lazy), but i think it was a very emotional moment where nearly anyone would offer comfort.

Not to mention, Lupin doesn't even mention until forced that he was friends with Harry's father. Maybe he's trying to be sensitive or whatever by not mentioning his father, but wouldn't it make more sense to tell Harry stories about his dad? Maybe he didn't know any way to leave Sirius Black out of the picture -- but were the two of them joined at the effing hip? Really, now.

Sorry, I get very huffy on Harry's (especially younger Harry's) behalf sometimes, and Lupin is definitely another example of an adult who should be there for Harry but isn't. Whenever Lupin asks Harry to call him by his first name in a fic, it's always a bit of a sour note for me, because my Harry-POV just doesn't think of him like that. I mean, it's so much less of a stretch for Harry to call Mr. Weasley Arthur...

I can only hope he'll try to take up some more parental-type slack in book six, but evidence to date does not look particularly encouraging. I agree, he's extremely complicated!

Lupin... bothers me beyond all reason. I vacillate between loving him madly and wanting to disembowel him.

Ah, someone else who can't decide if Remus needs a hug or his head held under water. Glad it's not just me, then.

At the same time, he's a passive aggressive jackass who wouldn't know true responsibility if it bit him on the arse.

That's something that *really* bothered me in OotP, that Remus is revealed as someone who *won't* stand up when it's his right and his responisbility. He works fine when he's with the other Order members, but he's someone I wouldn't trust solo.

In light of the revelations of OotP, all of Lupin's behavior in PoA, especially the Shrieking Shack scene, looks dramatically worse. From using Snape's given name repeatedly without permission, to not telling Dumbledore about Sirius' animagus form, to his willingness to *murder* Pettigrew without trial on Sirius' say so, Remus looks much more machivellian and callous than the persona he projects.

I really wonder where JKR is going with that, and if Sirius, Remus and Severus are supposed to be object lesson on responsibility over the course of books 5 through 7. I doubt that Remus or Severus will be alive at the end of book 7, either.

Well... let's say c

I love Remus Lupin, he's my favourite character after Snape and Harry. But he will probably not be back teaching at Hogwarts. For many reasons that were given above :) If he was coming back, I'd definitely not mind. And if he wasn't, well, we still have him in the books, thanks to the order, so it's okay.

I say (d) because although I would like him to return, the fact is that he resigned and I highly doubt that he would return. And man. Snape would probably kill him if he came back. :D

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